How to Boost SEO and Generating Organic Traffic to Your Website

Even though most people will find it somewhat strange, for websites to perform their function, they need to be live and current. Every update made on the website should serve to interact not only with visitors but also with the search engines because it serves nobody’s purpose to have a website that is not updated, and which, for all practical purposes can be considered as dead with nothing new to offer. On the other hand, a website whose contents are refreshed continually serves as a wonderful resource for search engines to offer results that meet with the search intent better, and will thus be inclined to boost the website higher up in the search page rankings. As per, Google measures your content for freshness first, and then scores every page as per the kind of search query.

Some of the most apparent benefits of updating your website with fresh content regularly:

More Frequent Indexing

While just by updating your website, you may not be able to improve your search rankings but the more frequently you keep updating the website with fresh information in the form of new pages, new articles, and updated data, the more frequently the search engine bots will visit your website to index the new contents. When this happens, you automatically have the opportunity to leverage your content to achieve a higher search ranking. The indexing of the contents of a website is done by web crawlers that keep scanning the internet for fresh information that has not been indexed.

Every search engine employs these web crawlers to index the information found on the net according to the parameters set by its algorithm to make sense of what the content is all about so that it can be served to users in response to specific search queries. Whether your website will feature in the search rankings is a function of how well the indexed contents are interpreted by the search engine to be relevant to the search intent of the user.

By updating your website frequently with fresh information, you may be able to increase the chances of improving your search ranking as the search engine keeps on scouring the net for fresh content. Lest it is misunderstood, you will be able to improve your rankings if and only if the fresh content is of very high quality, is original, is relevant to the search intent of the users, and add value to the user. Whenever the keywords are inserted, they need to be infused naturally taking care not to stuff the content with too many keywords, which will only invite ranking penalties.

Frequent Updates Turn On Google

Since Google is the world’s most dominant search engine, it exerts a tremendous influence on how websites are developed and how webmasters and content managers structure the site. Since Google’s sole mission is to deliver results that it thinks are the most relevant to the intent of the search by the user, it loves fresh content because it widens the scope for delivering results to users. Therefore, by adding fresh and high-quality content to your website, you can increase the appeal of the website to Google, especially if you establish a track record of frequently updating the website.

Google considers a website to be frequently updated if fresh content is added to it at least twice or thrice weekly. However, the caveat remains that the frequency of updating should not overshadow the quality and relevance of the content to the target audience because it is only when that the website contents are valuable and reliable that the chances of achieving better search engine results page ranks improve.

If the idea of generating fresh and valuable content regularly seems daunting; you can take recourse to a blog where you can simply keep on adding posts written either by yourself or by guest writers to add a different perspective to the subject. If the contents provoke comments and reactions by users, the value of the blog goes up as each interaction is interpreted by Google as an update.

Increases Opportunity for Using More Keywords

Publishing fresh content not only allows content managers to present new ideas and perspectives on a subject to the target audience but also get the chance of infusing more keywords into the content. Despite search engines becoming smarter in interpreting the meaning as well as the context of the content, the importance of keywords has not diminished. Keywords are representations of what the users want to search for and content containing exact or close matches to the keyword has a better chance of featuring high on the search results page.

Adding fresh content regularly is a matchless opportunity for content managers and SEO practitioners to optimize the content with relevant keywords that are more relevant to the search intent to attract more eyeballs and generate more traffic. However, it is to be clearly understood that Google is now extremely sensitive to keyword stuffing and will penalize content that it believes is artificially developed for users without having any intention of serving real informational needs. Get in touch with one of the trustworthy SEO companies – Social Market Way for professional assistance and perfect SEO solutions.

Fresh Content Boosts Your Authoritativeness

All webmasters are aspiring to become industry authority in the eyes of Google. The most effective stratagem for becoming an industry stalwart is by following the SEO proverb content is always the king. When you start publishing more valuable and relevant content about your industry, your website would be enjoying a much greater authority potential. Moreover, if you assess the websites of your competitors, you could figure out that the authority sites relating to your specific industry are having countless pages that are indexed by Google. Incidentally, Google is used to measuring relevance by evaluating site saturation. You could achieve the sublime status of an authority site by publishing more valuable content.

You could become an authority site, by devoting undivided attention to publishing news updates and the latest developments in the industry more frequently. This could prove to be a fruitful stratagem and every time, you are adding a news story, a new page is generated and effectively indexed by Google. If you keep generating high-quality content on a specific topic, you would be regarded as a solid authority and eventually, people would develop a deep trust in you and acknowledge whatever you say. Once people develop faith in you, they would not hesitate to buy from you. In this context, you must understand that social networking sites are the best destination to head to for building solid authority on a specific topic. Moreover, by putting in helpful and valuable comments on somebody’s blogs, answering to the queries on forums, and posting original in-depth content, you could boost your reputation and win the authority that is necessary for your industry.

If you are coming up consistently with absolutely top-grade content, users are bound to become loyal. You must keep in mind that loyalty cannot be bought, it has to be earned. This would provide petty business owners an opportunity to come into direct competition with the industry stalwarts.

Conclusion: Inform Your Audience & Keep Them Updated

You must consider updating your website with high-quality valuable articles to keep all your subscribers abreast of the latest developments in the industry and to provide valuable information so that new visitors would be converting to customers. You could consider using an RSS feed for updating your subscribers every time, fresh content is published on your website. When you consistently keep your target audience engaged, long-term loyalty is generated that would be translating into returning traffic.

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