PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

Tired of Time Spent Creating Buttons, Sliders, Icons, etc.? Try PixelKit!

If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your design work, your clients probably love you. But it takes a lot more time than it needs to. Anything that can make your work easier would be a profitable idea, since it would free you up to take on more projects.

Think about the time you spend on creating or having someone else create all the UI kits that are needed on your projects. This includes visual controls, sliders, icons, buttons and other elements of design. If you want them to look just right, I’m betting you spend a lot of time on them. Time is money.

If you outsource your design work on a development project, it may even be worse. In these cases, you will need to send your project-specific guidelines to a designer, pay for his work and then wait for his work to be completed. You’re never really sure exactly what you’re going to get.

UI kits can be a hassle, whether you make them yourself or have them made. But they’re still essential to the success of your web design projects.

Have you ever Googled “web design kits” or “UI kits”?

Google is great for many things, but not for finding quality design elements for your projects. There just isn’t anything that is of good quality to be found from Google searches. You might find a few icons or the like, but there’s no directories with any substantial quality materials.

You may have found stock designers who specialize in UI kits, but they tend to be more than a little pricey.

I have one friend who made enough money just doing icons that he didn’t have to do anything else. He only worked a few hours a day and make a full time salary. So that is an indicator of how much it costs to have icons and other elements made for your projects.

What’s wrong with web graphics kits?

When you are working for clients, each one wants your delivered design to be just perfect. There wasn’t a UI kit that could deliver perfect results every time. Little details can make your projects shine or kill them. Your clients should look at your design and feel like the money they paid you was well-spent.

If you want any repeat work at all, you better come up with quality work every time. People who aren’t pleased with your work will not be sending more projects your way.

Check out PixelKit

I have found a great solution if you need proper UI kits in your design work. It’s called PixelKit. Stated simply, it’s an entire library of UI kits that you’ll be proud to show on any of your projects.

PixelKit is not like the other resource libraries you may have seen. It only covers UI kits, including visual controls, app screens, boxes, menu elements, sliders, icons, buttons and other elements of design. It’s a specialized service and it delivers specific elements that you need in your design work.

PixelKit is a subscription service, so you’ll have to pay to get your unlimited library access. But whereas other subscriptions may run month to month, for a fee that can be ridiculous, PixelKit is only $39 a year, and that’s much less expensive than most subscription services.

What does PixelKit contain?

You’re probably ready to head over to PixelKit right now and check out everything they have to offer. But just to make sure that you know what you’re getting, here are some of the highlights of the service:

• It has new graphics that are added each month, so there are always new buttons, icons and other design elements to check out.

• There are literally thousands of useful graphics inside. Each kit is extensive enough that you’ll be able to locate many different icons and design elements in it. The packs you may have seen online before were not usually complete. They had just a few elements, which made them worthless for actual project use.

• The elements are mobile-friendly. Today, most design work needs to be mobile-
compatible, since users are on the go more than ever with their smartphones, superphones and tablets.

• All PixelKit graphics can be scaled.

• Elements are compatible with 960 grids. This means that they will be easily included in most all HTML structures.

So you’ll have lots of choices. Are there any other benefits?

For me, the main reason for choosing the subscription service PixelKit was to save myself time. You can finish each project more quickly if you have easy access to the best quality UI kits. You can do more projects in less time, and that’s a winner in anyone’s budget.

You don’t have to believe I’m right about PixelKit. Try it for yourself and then let me know what you thought.


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