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If I imagine that you are creating a website today, for sure I make it adaptable to devices Mobile. There are several ways to achieve this goal, or creating different templates for different size or adopt the responsive design.

A website responsive is dynamic and you have to carry out tests in a careful and aware, otherwise you may run into errors too coarse and banal.

Not all code editors HTML and CSS offer the opportunity to test the website in different sizes. That’s why I am writing this article, which includes the best tools to test web sites adaptable and responsive to Mobile.

Mobile Emulators

Pixmobi’s Mobile Phone Emulator

One of the best emulators simulates different sizes and has the graphics of 6 different phones, including the ‘ iPhone 4s and HTC HD 2.

1. mobile phone emulator

Opera Mini Simulator

In my opinion, the best simulator currently on the network has reached more than 130 million users. It is also possible to simulate the touch screen and the keys, as if we were using a cell phone / tablet itself.

2. opera mini


Gomez Cross-Device Website Compatibility Test

It measures website compatibility across all mobile devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Nexus One (Android). Moreover, it ensures that device compatibility issue does not result in revenue loss. It also recognizes the browser problems that affect end-users. You can see your site’s look differently on different mobile devices.

3. gomez


Bolt Browser Emulator

It shows the content in a desktop layout style and supports streaming video using Flash and HTML5. It allows you to test your design on BOLT browser.

4. bolt


Google’s GoMoMeter

It measures site’s speed and give rank them out of four. It also provides assistance to agencies who wish to sell mobile services to clients.

5. gomo


iPad Peek

It is an uncomplicated iPad emulator. It displays Flash elements in checked websites that are unable to provide on actual iPad.

6. ipad peek


Responsive Design Testing Tool

In the first section we have seen a number of emulators of mobile devices, we now see some very useful tool for testing websites responsive.


It allows you to check a media query based designs on an array of devices like phones, tablets, PC, TVs. You can test numerous sites at once and view them from pop-out window.

7. protofluid

Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Tool

It tests responsive web designs and offer 5 sizes for your website like iPhone, small tablets, iPad portrait and iPad.

8. matt kersley



It provides different sizes and suits with 25 choices of devices and five types of tablets. It has a clean and simple interface and it is an easy way to test responsive web designs.

9. quirktools screenfly

Responsive Px

It shows breaking points in your design so you can change media query according to it. You can change the screen size through counting pixels. It also provides option to add or delete scrollbars.

10. responsivepx


Validation and Test

Mobile W3 Validator

It shows the criteria in which your website did not score and scores it out of 100. It also includes http requests, redirects, file sizes, etc.

11. w3c mobile validator



It uses W3 standard for mobile site testing and this test includes page size, file size, pop ups, use of stylesheets etc. It also provides the estimate cost about downloading the site in different countries.

12. mobi ready


It is advisable to test website in different mobile devices before announcing it for general use. The above emulators and testing tools verify the strength of your website and offers a stunning solution for better optimization for mobile website appearance and its functions. These are some useful tools and I hope web developers and web designers will like them.

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