Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks and retweets they received.

The Graffiti and Street Art of Banksy – Web Design Mash

Banksy is a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter and his works of street art and graffiti which is done in a special stencilling technique have been featured on many streets, bridges and walls of cities all around the world.

31 Colorful Fall 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Designs – Best Design Options

Since most graphic designers and web developers spend more than half of their waking hours in front of their computer, it is almost certain that they are going to miss seeing the beautiful scenery during Fall season.

63 Awesome US Military Pictures That You May Never Seen Before – DZine Blog

Today I saw on the news that Pentagon record leaked and published by WikiLeaks. The Iraq War Logs contents 391,832 reports which list detail events that heard and seen by the US Military troops in Iraq.

50 Advanced HTML5 Demos to show It’s Power – 1stwebdesigner

Flash vs HTML5 is one of the hottest topic today , but we are not getting in the argument of which is superior to other and which is not.

25 Awesome Photo Manipulative Artworks Fresh from the Design Community – PSD Vault

Creativity never stops and as a designer, you need to seek inspiration and feeling every day. Thankfully, there is a wealth of creative work around the net that we can browse and absorb some fine points from some truly amazing works 🙂

Imperfect Perfection: The Almost Square – Echo Enduring Blog

The square is one of the most fundamental of all shapes, and is based entirely on the balanced proportion between its edges and angles. In this article, however, I would like to look at the perception of squareness, and suggest how a slight imperfection can sometimes make a shape look more square-like than a true, perfectly balanced square.

First-Rate Artwork Using Adobe Photoshop – Smashing Buzz

Photoshop has ties with other Adobe software for media editing, animation, and authoring. The .PSD (Photoshop Document), Photoshop’s native format, stores an image with support for most imaging options available in Photoshop.

35 Colorful Web Designs to Inspire You – Web Design Ledger

Yes, we do love Minimal and Super Clean Web Designs, but we also have “a thing” for Colorful Web Designs. Sometimes color can completely transform the look of a website.

850 Free Photoshop Brushes – Digital Art Empire

Photoshop brushes are so usefull everyone needs them , so today I got together some of the best around and some that I have been using.If you dont kow heres a tip on how to install the brushes.

Way Cool CSS3 Typography Experiments – Creative Fan

CSS3 opens up new avenues for design and creativity on the web, with the ability to better control the display of content through the browser.  One of the major areas of improvement in CSS3 are new methods that can be applied to text and typography to create unique results.

50 Useful Icon Sets for E-commerce Designs – 1stwebdesigner

The moment we think of E-Commerce, the next thought would be of the payment options and the hassles met at times.

50 Beautiful Light Effects Photoshop Brush Packs (740 Brushes) – Specky Boy

There is no better method for bringing a design to life and emphasizing design elements than using an effective and high quality light effect. Everybody loves a little bit of razzmatazz!

45 New WordPress Themes: October 2010 – Webdesigner Depot

New WordPress themes are released all the time, and it’s hard keeping up with the best that’s out there. And let’s face it: a lot of new themes aren’t very high quality.

The Halloween T-shirt Showcase; Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies – Design Juices

This is the Halloween Festive special, a showcase and roundup of the best Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies & Witches T-shirts from across the web from various brands and online stores.

4 New jQuery Plugins – Design Reviver

In today’s news round-up we feature four powerful and new jQuery plugins that will add plenty of cool functionalties to your sites or applications.

In Defense of Comic Sans – Slodive

Comic Sans is a widely talked and babbled about font with much criticism. Some designers disapprove its usage and some have even started campaigns to ban this font. You must be surprised by this kind of extreme reactions by designers and end users but it’s true.

Becoming a Better Web Designer – Six Revisions

Whenever a student wanting to work in the design industry asks me for advice, the first thing that comes to my mind is the importance of maintaining a current and up-to-date skill set.

27 FREE Icon Sets from Worth Downloading – Web Design Mash

If you are looking for some icons for your Mac or designs then look no further. 365icon provides 100% free resources for the design community.

Designing Hyperlinks: Tips and Best Practices – Six Revisions

A hyperlink (aka link) is the most basic interface on websites. In fact, we can trace hyperlinks back to the origins of the web, with Tim Berners-Lee’s ENQUIRE, where each new page had to link to another.

17 Most Common Myths in the Design World – Richworks

Designing is the most prestigious job in the entire world. It not only allows you to create stuff that will be used by million other people everyday but will also create a benchmark for the future products that will be inspired from today’s.

Sleek jQuery Accordion Menu Plugins and Tutorials – Creative Fan

jQuery accordion menus are menus that act like a musical accordion, with regards to their ability to expand and contract based on user interactions.

45 High Quality Photoshop Brushes for Designers – Graphic Mania

There are two methods on how to work in Photoshop. It is either building the objects from scratch which will take too much time and effort or depending on ready resources such as templates and importing external Photoshop brushes, patterns and custom objects.

Introducing the Webdesigner Depot Bundle – Webdesigner Depot

We have partnered with Appsumo to put together an amazing bundle of awesome products and services for designers.

40 Most Superb GIF And Banner Animation Tutorials – Multy Shades

Photoshop is very important tool for graphic and web designers. It can be used for web designing and different kind of graphics even you can create gif animations in photoshop as well.

Logo Design Inspiration: 100 Hot New Fresh Designs – Designrfix

I am confident that these new logo designs will get your creative juices flowing. So with no further ado here is your latest dosage of beautifully designed logos. Enjoy!

20 Free & Hi-Res Textures – Web 3 Mantra

In Older days designers had to buy many expensive cd’s for hi res textures. But nowadays textures are the best free stuff available on the web for designers.

40 Smart and Creative Resume and CV Design Ideas – Tripwire Magazine

In these tough economic times, many designers find themselves applying for jobs and freelance gigs on a regular basis. So, how can you stand out from the rest and grab the attention of a design agency when they’re usually bombarded with hundreds of applications?

Stunning Collection of Human Flowers – Webdesigner Depot

Take a look at these ‘flowers’... Are you sure you’re seeing flowers actually? Look closely and be ready to be amazed…

35 Creative Postcard Invitation Designs for Inspiration – Onextrapixel

The holidays are just around the corner. Once more, it’s that season of the year when parties never seem to end. As a designer, it won’t be long until you start receiving tons of requests from clients who want creatively designed cards or maybe you’re even in the process of making one right now.

Still 1 x ad block available at BuySellAds

HDR – The Evolution Of Photography – Webexpedition 18

HDR imaging has exploded over the past years. Often explained as “seeing more like the human eye”, HDR imaging combines several shots of a given scene and the final results have much more detail from shadows to highlights, and everywhere in between.

Photography Of Strange Patterns In Nature – Design Your Way

Designers are used to digital patterns but what they (or you) should do is look at the beauty of a pattern in nature, from an animal, rock, coral or everything else.

35 Inspiring Websites with Vector Landscapes – 1stwebdesigner

Using vector based illustration in web design is a thrilling way to express beauty and grace to whole layout.

Maintaining a Fresh & Professional Website – Sitesketch 101

Often times, however, as we progress forward in our blogging journey, we find ourselves forgetting to revisit some of the basics and we neglect to maintain the site the way that we should.

Exclusive Style Pack – 15 Incredible Photoshop Styles – PSD Tuts Plus

Photoshop layer styles are one of the most powerful tools to create backgrounds and text effects. From complex and realistic, to simple and colorful, you can create unique styles for an unlimited range of designs.

30 Creative WordPress Sites That Don’t Look Like Blogs – Design Tutorials 4 U

Generally when someone mentions WordPress you think “blogs”.  Today lets change that and see how much more flexible and versatile WordPress can be than just a blogging platform.  In the right hands, you can adapt WordPress to most of your needs and demands.

50 Fashion Photographs of Hot Girls Wearing Glasses – Modny 73

Here i have a large showcase of photography of really hot girls wearing glasses or sunglasses for your inspiration.

50 Creative and Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs – Tripwire Magazine

Coffee is a popular brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. It is know to be the most traded goods in the word and some even say it’s an addiction while for many it’s an obsession and the only way to get a new day started.

Awesome 80′s Cartoons Illustrations – Web Design Mash

Having grown up in the 80′s I have an affinity for all things from that great decade. As a kid , one of the best things I can remember about the 80′s is the great selection of Saturday morning cartoons that was on television.

55 Incredible Artworks from Dribbble That Will Make You Wow – 1stwebdesigner

If you didn’t know by now, Dribbble is a site where you can share sneak peeks of what you’re working on with designers, developers and other creatives. The hook is that the image must be 400×300 pixels or less.

Best Of Web And Design In October 2010 – Creative Nerds

Wrapping up October the end of the British summer going into autumn. There’s some great illustrator tutorials featured in this months roundup as well in-depth tutorials some great quick tips worth checking.

60 Ingenious Examples of Green & Eco Logos – Modny 73

Logo is not a mark. It’s an aspect of a company’s commercial brand. It helps users to reorganize immediately your website or product. Logo should be unique from others by its typography, design, colors, shapes, images.

The Awesome Size Of The Internet (Infographic) – The Roxor

For a lot of people, it’s impossible to imagine their daily lives without the internet. Over the last couple of years the internet has become an integral part of society. We use it to search for information, check our email or use Facebook and Twitter. Because the internet is so popular, it has grown a lot in size.

30 Amazing Conceptual Photographs – Creative Fan

Photography is always about capturing the meaning, significance and essence of a moment in time, however, conceptual photography takes this idea to the extreme, by capturing a thought, idea, or message to the viewer and communicating it in a clever and interesting method.

Web Blog / Website Color Trends: Blue-green – COLOURlovers

Colors that fall on the spectrum between the edge of baby blue and verdigris, including cyan, aquamarine, Bondi blue and teal, have always been a popular choice for websites.

30 Stunning Black and White Photos with Water – Blogg74

It’s time for a bit of photography inspiration. So how about a collection of some of the best long exposure photos? A lot of the photos that were made via this technique were shot in urban environments.

100 Creative Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials – Designrfix

If your next design project involves some manipulation of typeface, you do not want to miss this article. I have always found that text effects is one of the coolest things that you can create in Photoshop.

Absolutely Stunning Vector Inspiration – Nenuno Creative

This showcase is of a great selection of digital art through vector artwork, and is aimed to inspire you through digital artworks and this unique scalable artwork.

10 Flash Things You Can’t Do With HTML5 – Active Tuts Plus

You could almost hear the collective gasp when Apple announced that it was no longer going to be supporting Flash on its upcoming devices. Like a scene from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, it seemed the bell had tolled for Flash and designers and developers were going to be dragged into the street to await the body wagon.

The Most ‘Horrifying’ Websites Showcase – D-Lists

Well it’s Halloween season and it’s time for a fright! I’ve managed to collect some horrendously hideous websites for you, which should be enough to give anyone a chill down their spine.

30 Interesting Simple WebForm Design For Your Inspiration – DZine Blog

Web Form is one of the crucial design elements in web development. Web form will be one of the most frequently visited or at least one of the most visible area. Web form must have a good design integrated with the overall website design.

30 Masterful Blue Web Designs – Creative Fan

Blue is a great choice for a web design color, as it is a naturally elegant, relaxing and cool color that can be used in everything from travel websites to technology and business websites.

50 Stunning Fashion Website Designs for Inspiration – 1stwebdesigner

Fashion is all about appearance, how you come out to whole world with your dressing and style. Fashion designers are always in struggle to make you look better and make you an inspiration for other people.

Man’s Best Friend – Dogs in Photography – Web Design Mash

Continuing on in our ‘Photos of the Week’ series – I bring you a cute and furry collection of some of the most delightful canines you will ever see.

35 Stunningly Captured Daylight Photography – Kitaro10

Daylight photography is specially takes in morning time or when sun is not down so thats why its called daylight photography here we have some stunning examples of daylight photography plz let us know is our effort is good or not.

Collection of FREE PSD Downloads from FREEPSDFILES.NET – Web Design Mash

If you are looking for some really neat PSD files such as icons, templates and backgrounds for that new project you are working on then look no further.

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