3 Simple Tips for Web Designers to Write Better Copy


When you’re trying to establish yourself as a successful web designer, the more skills you have the better. It’s great if you can design clean, attractive websites that appeal to consumers. Your job prospects will be even better, however, if you can design phenomenal websites, write compelling SEO web copy to increase the search engine ranking of websites, and promote the websites you design using social media. In our global economy, good designers are a dime a dozen. Good designers who can create and promote profitable websites from the ground up, on the other hand, are rare.

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4 Tips for Creating an Effective Mobile Website Design

According to the latest research, by the end of 2013 more people will be using internet on their phones than on desktops or laptops Designing a mobile web site can be considered as an art because of skill needed to make big sites fit onto the small screens of mobile devices. Although some regular web pages are viewable on mobile devices, it makes for a better user experience to optimize the site for mobile phones.

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Halloween is less than a week away and I’m very excited. It’s that time of year I can get dressed up in a spooky outfit and celebrate the scary festivities. In this little round-up I bring you 22 super creative pumpkin carvings or Jack-o-Lanterns to give them their proper name. Read More