It’s no secret that a lot of us web designers are self-proclaimed geeks and nerds, so I am going to go out on a limb here and say that a lot of the visitors to the Web Design Mash site are anime fans. Am I right? I thought so 🙂

This showcase is going to shed some light on the awesome artists over on Deviantart and showcase their awesome anime artwork. The range of some of these anime styles really baffled me when I was looking through to find some of the best anime artwork on Deviantart and I hope something in this post inspires you for your next art project; or at the very least inspires you to go watch those old episodes of your favorite anime show again.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Anime Artwork from Deviantart

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Browsing the web, you come across a multitude of websites in various styles and formats, but one of my personal favorite type to check out is a single page website design. Not every website should be a single page layout, but it works in a variety of formats. For instance, websites that are promoting services (design, copywriting, seo, etc) or a flyer-type website for events are perfect in the single page format.

A single page website design gets all of the info across to the viewer quickly, allowing them to see all of the content on your site without having to click through to multiple pages. And if sticky navigation bars in website designs are good for allowing people to easily navigate a site, then a single page website design added in with a sticky nav is a near-perfect combination for your visitors to have the best experience possible on your site.

Below are 50 of the best single page website designs on the web today. Enjoy and be inspired!

Heritage Farms

Single Page Website Design


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With WordPress powering about 22% of all new websites, it’s no surprise that many of the responsive websites we’re seeing pop up are powered by the CMS. The rising popularity of responsive web design also helps fuel a lot of the WordPress Premium Theme market, which you can see by looking at all of the new themes popping up at Theme Forest or on the WP theme companies like StudioPress or WooThemes.

So today we’re going to look over some ofthe responsive websites that are powered by WordPress. Below are 40 of these WordPress powered responsive website examples for you to draw inspiration from the next time you are setting out to create a responsive website design.

Gale South Beach

Responsive WordPress Design

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We’re under the direct impression that bloggers and website designers alike can benefit from these free WordPress themes. Whether you’re just looking for a new WordPress theme to build your own website with or you’re looking or a starter theme to build client projects on, these free WordPress themes offer a multitude of options for you to choose from.

Below are 33 awesome free WordPress themes that have been released this year, and we’re just over half way done so I assume that there will be even bigger and better themes released before the year is over. But for now, check these 33 WordPress themes out and grab one to use for your website.


Free WordPress Themes 2013

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As we have mentioned innumerable times, by 2014, smartphones and tablets will overtake PC and laptop as the leading web brosing devices. There are also this information, that after ten years of upwards trends, PC and Laptop market will see a decline in sales for the first time in 2014. What are these news tellign you? That it is high time to make your site ready for tablets and smartphones.

People are using smart devices increasingly. A whopping 45% adults from USA own a smartphone. 31% of USA adults use tablets and iPads. In fact even normal phones are losing out to smartphones nowadays. Tablet market is growing equally fast.

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For ecommerce website owners and webmasters, the number one goal is conversions. Increasing those conversions and creating an optimal environment conducive to sales is a top priority. Today we will discuss ways to increase those shopping cart conversions.

The number one rule when evaluating your website’s performance is to continually test the variations of the design and the elements that you change to find the optimum combination of features. The different design elements that you change can include the colors, placement, and wording. Remember that each site is different because of the customers, different customers like different things, which is why it is so important to continually test out the changes in different ways. Remember that when you are asking customers to share their credit card information, you must remove all barriers and anything that could make them feel uncomfortable while instilling a sense of trust.

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One thing that a web or print designer can never have enough of is fonts. That’s why I put this list together of 50 of the top free grunge fonts from around the web. These are great for musician websites or something with a haunted theme. Some have a dirtier feel to them which are restrictive in their use but others are clean cut and can still be put to good use in a clean and professional website, like Matt Brett does.

And contrary to the clean and minimalist responsive web design styles that are flooding the web right now, grunge will never get old, so download these and make something creatively messy!

Hand Printing Press Meshed
Top free grunge fonts

Raleigh Rock
Top free grunge fonts


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Today we’re going to get all up in your face (pardon the pun) with todays update. The full size photo utilized in a website design has generally been reserved for celebrities or photography websites, but these freelancers have broken the mold and put themselves front and center.

Some of the sites below only show the freelancers face while others are full length photos added to the site in creative ways. They always talk about designers being rockstars, so maybe adding your face to your site like a celebrity is the right move? ha

Either way, these portfolio designs are all great and integrate their portraits perfectly in each example below.


Coffee Website Design

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There are many factors that affect website conversions; some are more abstract than others. The colors that you use in your website design actually do have an effect on the actions that your visitors take and can make the difference between a sale and a visitor leaving the site since colors affect shoppers in a subliminal way. What works for the shoppers at one website may not apply to other websites, so surveying your individual customers is very important. Here are four ways to evaluate how the color schemes on your website could be affecting your sales:

1. A/B Testing or Variant Testing

Testing different designs for different visitors to see which design and color scheme work best is an excellent way to figure out which color scheme and design set up converts best. Some things to vary in your testing situations in addition to the overall color scheme are: the placement and color of the action buttons, different calls to action that are written on the buttons. Once you have one best scenario, continue testing to achieve better and better converting designs and colors schemes. Another factor to consider when testing, depending on your product and your brand is the season. Consider using different colors in different seasons if it applies to your business.

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It’s no secret that most freelancers love caffeine and the majority of those who love caffeiene love to drink it in coffee form. So today we’re going to showcase 30 delicious coffee websites.

We’ve left a time where big and flashy websites were popular and now we’re entering a time when responsive web design is becoming the new standard that websites are built on. If one industry could take note of this and build their sites to work great on mobile, they’re aligning themselves right in peoples pockets when they’re at the grocery store and need to look you up.

By the end of this list, if you’re not feeling a psychological burst of energy from the caffeine, let me know ha

Insomnia Coffe Co.

Coffee Website Design

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