webdesign trends 2015

A new year is almost upon us which means it’s time to reflect on all the things that 2014 brought us in terms of great – and not so great – design. We can then use this to analyse trends and predict what sort of aspects and trends in design we can look forward to in 2015.
Here’s a list of things we think you should look out for next year:

1 – Responsive interfaces

With the recent growing trend, especially in WordPress themes, responsive design has become almost the new standard for web design in 2014. No one seems to be looking to alter this, with the idea that the more responsive a site or theme is, the better all round.

2 – Ghost buttons

The idea of a ghost button is incredibly appealing as it gives a more minimalistic feel to a site. This is of course ideal if your client base will be accessing your website via mobile device as it makes things concise and digestible rather than a wall of text. Expect to see more of those next year.

3 – Typography trends

While there has been a focus on the need for short, clear and concise content, there has also been a trend towards ensuring the type of text used is fit for the site and brand it is representing. This is particularly true if you look at casino, bingo and other gambling sites, of which many have had a major revamp in 2014. As well as layout and colour scheme, the most common changes on these sites was to the brand logo and other typography used throughout the site. Here you can find more information on new gaming sites coming in 2015, and have a look at the web design for yourself.

4 – Large background images

webdesign background trends 2015

The focus has been well and truly placed on the visual in 2014, with imagery holding an equally significant spot as attractive typography in web design. Whereas block colours with text and images were part of the minimalist trend a few years ago, we are now seeing short, snappy copy placed over a beautiful background image which is both striking and elegant looking.

5 – The scrolling homepage

As websites are now created with many different viewing devices in mind, 2014 saw a surge in the amount of homepages that had a lengthy, scrollable design focused on bold images and snappy concepts but not screeds of text. This scrollable concept over the likes of cluttered tabs in a left or right hand panel look set to be even more popular in the coming months.

6 – Card design

webdesign trends 2015 card design

The card-style design so commonly associated with Pinterest is also becoming more popular amongst those in creative fields where design and image play a pivotal role in their business. This looks set to continue into 2015 particularly for businesses looking to show off multiple visual projects easily and efficiently.

7 – Personalised UX

The great thing about allowing users to accept cookies means that businesses can provide more relevant and personalised content to each users’ preference. Netflix and YouTube use this concept well in order to remember things you’ve recently watched, and also to show content you may like based on this. Other businesses will look to take this concept and put their own unique selling point on it in 2015.
These are just some of the big web design trends to keep an eye on in 2015, though there’s sure to be more micro-trends popping up as the year goes on. Who knows, perhaps something brand new and left-field will dominate by December 2015.


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