Time for our weekly links round up and today being 10/10/10/ What a great date! Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks and retweets they received.

50 Simply Wonderful Free Bokeh Textures – Naldz Graphics

Today, we share to you 50+ Simply Wonderful Free Bokeh Textures. This is a compilation that can be helpful depending on how you want to use it and up to where your creativity will bring you.

55 New Premium WordPress Themes of Octomber 2010 – WordPress Indeed

In this article you will find the newest and most exciting wordpress themes which will help you  improve or make your own website

Minimal iPhone 4 Wallpapers You Might Be Looking For – Boost Inspiration

You will find this post interesting if you got an iPhone 4 and looking for new wallpapers to decorate its Retina Display. This roundup consist of Minimal Wallpapers which will make your iPhone’s background sleek.

20 Useful WordPress Contact Form Plugins – Blue Bots

For wordpress, as an opensource cms, some developers have created free contact form plugins for their wordpress sites and even share it to the community. Searching one by one will surely waste some of your time that is why we’ve decided to come up a list of contact form plugins for all wordpress users.

Totally Mind-Bending Optical Illusions – Web Design Mash

The optical illusion is caused by the image being visually perceived by the eye which differs from the actual reality and measurements of the object. In this collection we have some physiological images that are the effects on the eyes and brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type such colour, brightness, tilt and movement.

Most Popular Design Links of the Week 27 September – 2 October 2010 – Web Design Mash

Time for our weekly links round up. Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks and retweets they received.

40 Amazing Web Apps for Freelancers – Pro Blog Design

Web apps are great because you can access them from anywhere, they keep all of your data safe, and for the most part, they’re straightforward to get up and running with (No installations or configuring needed!)

60 PSD Icon and Button Templates – Specky Boy

If you are searching for an editable version of a particular icon or button for your current web design project, then look no further.

Admix Web Mix of the Month: September 2010 – Admix Web

This month of September 2010 has been another great month here at Admix Web!

40 Creative Navigation Menus – Pro Blog Design

One of the first things to do when planning out a new website is to work out all of the content that will be in the site. You then divide that up into sections and then into various levels of navigation.

20 Best Logo Design Galleries to Get You Inspired – Best Design Options

Designing a logo is perhaps the most tricky aspect of designing. That is why, in creating a logo, designers should give extra care and attention to every detail from the text or font used, the color, shapes, symbols and other elements in a logo design.

Typography: Collection of Inspirational Designs (Part2) – Designrfix

Typography allows every graphic artist to provoke feelings and mood in their designs. As you will see, many of these works of typography capture so much more than just the words on the page.

Incredible Computer Mouse Designs – 23 Mice – Design Your Way

Some industrial designers come up with interesting mouse designs, many of them looking eccentric or extravagant. If you’re a little bit conservative you’ll say “oh, maybe, actually no” but if you’re into gadgets and innovations I’m sure your brain would shout “me likey”.

How to Maintain Creativity & Productivity Working From Home – Tripwire Magazine

Keeping motivated and inspired are two of the biggest challenges that working from home offers, so how do you sustain momentum over time? We’ve put together some practical tips and advice for working effectively and creating a healthy work/life balance.

The S From Hell – Logo Design Love

A documentary-cum-horror film about the scariest corporate symbol in history: the 1964 Screen Gems logo, aka “the S from Hell.”

55 Superb Examples of Light Art Performance Photography – PS Deluxe

One of most interesting technique in Adobe Photoshop is light effects. That is obvious, but only some of you probably know that you can create light effect without Photoshop. How?

40 Impressive High Quality Mac Wallpaper – Graphic Mania

Apple is one of the companies that pay a lot of attention to the design value of their products which is a well known fact about Apple products such as Mac computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads.

30 Fresh and Beautiful Web Designs – Web Design Ledger

Every Monday we showcase a collection of inspiring web designs to get your week started on a good note. We normally focus the collections on a particular category, but this week we are doing something a little different.

40 Super Inspiring Organic Logo Designs – Dzine Blog

There are thousands of organic or green logo designs nowadays. In today’s green conscious consumer world, it is important for businesses to show that they care about the environment.

30 Inspiring Examples of Texture Use in Web Design – Line 25

The use of texture is one of the important principles of good design, and the use of subtle textures is becoming more and more popular in the world of web design.

Simple Flow: Minimalism in Web Design – Web Design Ledger

There are so many techniques when it comes to web design, it’s hard to get a full grasp on all of them. Minimalism is one of the few which stand out from the crowd in a seemingly ubiquitous flow.

If you do this in an email, I hate you – The Oatmeal

Not realy a design link but The Oatmeal is always worth a look!

Showcase of 50 Dark Portfolio Designs – Boost Inspiration

Portfolio is a collections of works on different areas, either you’re designer, developer, photographer, or an artist, everyone who got talent need a portfolio to showcase their work on it.

50 Must Have Design programs for Increased Productivity – 1stwebdesigner

We always love working in Photoshop, Flash, 3D Studio Max as designers but sometimes they could really get slow or fixing a minor correction in such huge programs may really give a test for our patience which make us think about some other alternatives to these bulky softwares.

How To Create A Simple Drop Down Menu With CSS3 – Webexpedition18

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a beautiful drop down menu using CSS3. We are going to create the menu without using Javascript, only CSS properties.

20 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials Using Illustrator – Best Design Options

There are thousands of logo design tutorials out there. But finding the one that you need will probably take much of your time. To save you time from browsing and compiling logo design tutorials, we decided to compile only the best logo design tutorials in one post.

10 Tips To Optimise WordPress and Make It Faster – Dzine Blog

Many people get their word press blogs working in very slow manner. More problems are faced when you host it on a shared host. There may be slow database queries that are creating issues and in future, you may be suspended.

25 Outstanding Eco-Friendly Packaging Design Concepts – Best Design Options

Consumers are becoming more and more environment-conscious and have started to demand eco-friendly products from manufacturers

50 Creative Automobile Websites for Your Inspiration – 1stwebdesigner

Automobiles, which are a comfort and luxury in today’s life has gone through a lot of trials to grow till this stage. With Internet revolution, getting an information has become so easy that you no longer search for an expert advice.

Cheers! – Creative Alcohol Beverage Advertising – Web Design Mash

I usually find that alcohol advertising is some of the most creative and sometimes the funniest types of advertising especially the beer ads.

150 Best jQuery Effects for Web Designers and Developers – Web Design Shock

Since the arrival of the jQuery library, the life of JavaScript programmers have gotten a lot easier because now it’s simpler to develop web 2.0 applications. With jQuery, the programmers can keep their code organized and concise, which is the major slogan of the library, “write less, do more”.

How to Create a Twitter Logo in Pure CSS3 – Blue Bots

In the last few months there has been an exploit of articles demonstrating the power and flexibility of CSS3. Probably almost every serious web designer know how they work, what they are, and have read some of these articles. But at the same time, not everyone knows what can be really accomplished with them.

Truly Colourful & Beautiful Autumn Photography – Web Design Mash

Autumn or fall is probably my favourite season. It’s that time of year which marks the transition from summer into the cold winter. Although it depends on what part of the world you are in as autumn usually happens around September – November in the Northern Hemisphere and March – May in the Southern. Although some countries views may differ to that!

Dos and Don’ts of Website Design – Graphic Mania

Website design is a competitive as well as a lucrative field due to many reasons. It is competitive because of the numerous website designers present around the world.

30 Fantastic Examples of Manipulation of Images – WordPress Indeed

Fantasy style digital artworks have always been one of my favourites. There is so much creativity in those works and almost every fantasy work can tell a story. Not to mention in order to create those works, you need excellent skills (not only Photoshop), plus being extremely creative with your work.

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35 Beautiful Large Photo Background Websites – Modny 73

Web design inspiration is always helpful as looking at the creative creations others have done can kick-start your own creativity.

40 Beautiful Examples of Bokeh Photography – The Photo Argus

I’m sure most of you have heard of the term bokeh. Basically it is referring to the aesthetic quality of the blur produced from a shot with shallow depth of field. Determining factors of bokeh are things like lens aberrations and shape of lens aperture.

Advice for Design Students – David Airey

Every day I receive emails from graphic design students, all wanting advice of some sort. While I can’t reply to everyone, a fair bit of my time goes toward answering those I can, and in many cases my response involves copying and pasting links to previously published blog posts (turns out I’ve already answered most of the questions, but my site’s “search” box is often overlooked).

50 Easy to Follow Photoshop Poster Tutorials – 1stwebdesigner

A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Typically posters include both textual and graphic  elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text. Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and convey information.

Pixel Art: Create a Better Favicon For Your Website – Onextrapixel

Favicons are small pixel-size icons which are short for Favorite Icons, or icons that are intended to be viewed next to a website title when bookmarked. They also show up in the URL section of a web browser and in tabs.

40 Awesome and Beautifully Designed Laptop Skins – Blue Bots

For those who love customizing their laptops, this article is definitely for you. Here, we feature different laptop skins that could allow you to instantly makeover your laptop and make it unique from the other.

15 Best Ever PHP Frameworks – Admix Web

PHP is probably the most popular language in the world when it comes to flexibility and ease of use regarding building web apps and frameworks.

50 Best Designed Logos With The Creative Use Of Punctuation Marks – Smashing Apps

A properly designed logo will help you establishing brand name and defining the nature of a corporation.

30 Really Nice Colourful Logo Designs – Dzine Blog

Logo is very important as an identity for a company or organization. The combination of color into sections to be on watch for the logo to attract attention. Some companies like the logo with colorful. When designing a colorful logo, the possibilities are endless.

HTML (and CSS) Do Not a Website Make – Echo Enduring Blog

As web designers and developers, we talk a lot about HTML and CSS. And, with the emergence of HTML5 and CSS3, it seems as though we are talking about them more than ever.

5 New CSS and HTML Web Templates – Design Reviver

One of the most sought after resources for a web designer are high quality and, preferably, free CSS/XHTML/HTML web templates. And this exactly what we have for you in today news round-up: 5 New High Quality CSS and HTML Templates.

20 Attractive CV Resume Design for your Inspiration – Web 3 Mantra

Resume is fairly important thing in finding Job. Its not only Speaks about your Qualification and Experience but it also speaks about your capability and creativity. An impressive resume is definitely makes good impression on employer.

30 Beautifully Designed Adds By Using Typography – Kitaro 10

Advertisements often feature excellent design. Sometimes it’s creative, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s just a well-designed piece that may spark some ideas of your own.

Come Alive With These Colorful Backgrounds: Part 1 – Multy Shades

Wallpapers, desktop pictures and desktop backgrounds are an image that can be used on your computer screen.

Food for Thought – Creative Food Advertising – Blog of Francesco Mugnai

A Web Design Mash Post. If there is one category of advertising that I really love and which can also get me salivating  it’s ‘Food’. Advertisers are always thinking up clever ways to get us excited about brands food products with some creative and clever advertising.  Take a break and take a look and get some food for thought. Yummy!

60 Imaginative Photos Taken With Forced Perspective Photography Technique – Design Beep

There are many photography techniques and i think each of them need special ability to get the perfect result.Especially,if you want to take a little bit conceptual photos you must imagine and/or know the photography tecnique for the best result.

How Important is Sketching for Your Designing – Smashing Buzz

Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of graphic designing process. To put it correctly, sketching can be termed as ‘the mother of graphic arts’.

30 Beautiful Vintage Websites For Your Inspiration – Blogg 74

Here we have gathered some amazing examples of Vintage and Retro web designs which are bold and creative in their own way. Let’s have a look and Enjoy!

15 Cool Stickers for your iPhone – Toxel

Unique and clever vinyl stickers that will spice up the look of your iPhone.

30 Fresh and Inspiring Logo Designs – Web Design Ledger

Inspiration plays a key role in the growth of a designer. If you live in a vacuum without seeing what other designers are doing, it’s very difficult to improve and grow your skills.

Amazing Female CG Characters by Soa Lee – Presidia Creative

Soa Lee is a digital artist and 3D master from Yongin, South Korea, who uses 3D Studio Max to create beautiful CG portraits and digital characters that are lifelike and stunningly detailed.

33 Free Halloween Desktop Wallpapers You Should Download – You the Designer

To feel a particular holiday spirit, you will need to truly experience it. By experiencing it, you will learn its true meaning. Often, one way to really feel the season is by decorating your home or workspace to keep you hyped up.

5 SEO Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur – Mens with Pens

Everyone thinks they can win at SEO, but some SEO hopefuls make some pretty amateur mistakes – ones that can even hurt your rankings. Nancy Strauss, today’s guest poster, thought it might be a good idea to remind you of 5 SEO mistakes that make you look like an amateur…

Business Cards: Collection Of Amazing Designs – Designrfix

As I try to do ever month, I am bringing you the latest in business card design.  There is never a shortage of new business cards to drool over.

Download 13 Different Vector Vegetables – Grafpedia

In this set you will find 13 different vector hand drawn vegetables: Vector onion, vector tomato, vector garlic, egg plant vector, etc…

Why (and How) Do Logos Matter? – Drawar

There has been a lot of buzz lately about a major logo rebrand. You know the one I mean. This discussion is not about that. Not directly, anyway. The raging debate did bring up some interesting points, though, that I’ve been thinking about.

The Complete Guide of Becoming a Logo Designer – Instantshift

The logo is the concept situated at the intersection of the fields of design and business; it is a product of the creativity and the talent of a designer, but it has a certain promotional purpose.

Mega List Of Free Halloween Icons – Designers Digest

Halloween is just a few weeks away, so we decided to come up with a mega list of Halloween icons that you can use for free. With this free collection of Icons you can decorate your Blog/Website without having to make it from the scratch.

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