The word ‘anime’ has acquired a unique and special meaning for its fans all across the globe. While the general viewers consider anime to be animation that is created in Japan, Japanese audience uses ‘anime’ as a broad term to refer to all animation, be it Japanese or foreign. Irrespective of usage, nowadays, anime denotes a specific and special genre of animation and cartoons which have acquired a cult following and a loyal fan base over the course of few years.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at some of the salient features of anime as well as check out some inspirational and creative anime artwork.

Anime: What Makes it So Special?

One of the major factors behind the popularity of Japanese anime is the versatile usage of artwork. Anime art can range from outright overdone and flamboyant to simplistic and extremely minimal. In either case, anime generally carries a visual appeal that distinguishes it from mainstream cartoon characters such as Spiderman or Batman.

Beyond that, anime episodes generally excel in the art of story telling. By story telling, I mean the episodic and chronological development of plot, like it happens in novels and fiction stories. In general, anime may or may not have a good guy or bad guy, but a complex mesh of characters, which further adds to its variety and charisma that appeals to various age groups all around the world.

It is on account of such reasons that anime has today evolved into an industry of its own. Furthermore, anime often has its own share of genres: ranging from thrillers to horror and from action to comedy. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, anime surely has something for you!

I Wanna Watch Anime. Where Do I start?

This is a rather tricky question; in fact, this is one question that only the viewer himself or herself can answer.
However, if you are rather new to anime, I would be glad to suggest one of my personal favorites of all time: Inu Yavsha. It is set in feudal era Japan, and features almost everything you would want to see in a medieval era story: demons, swords, fights, and what not!

If you are into sci-fi, watching Cowboy Bebop is a good starting point! If religious intrigue plus action drama suits you, Trinity Blood is the way to go.

Another good choice will be the episodic series Saiyuki.

As you can see, when it comes to anime, the choices are plenty, so if you really wish to get started with it, I would suggest finding one that best suits your interests. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

How About Some Inspiration?

9 Anime: Inspiration

8 Anime: Inspiration

7 Anime: Inspiration

6 Anime: Inspiration

5 Anime: Inspiration

4 Anime: Inspiration

3 Anime: Inspiration

2 Anime: Inspiration

1 Anime: Inspiration



Even though anime began as a local phenomenon in Japan, it has nowadays established itself as an international form of expression and entertainment. It attracts millions of passionate fans and anime episodes are frequently translated into multiple languages. Generations after generations of viewers have grown up watching anime.

What do you think anime? Ever watched one? If so, which is your favorite character and series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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