Lightroom is one of the most commonly used programs for photo color correction and basic photo editing. You can use a variety of color settings and perform numerous operations to improve your photos. Free Lightroom presets are another powerful tool for instant photo correction. You have the opportunity to add the desired effect to your pictures in just a few clicks. Using presets you save your time and achieve amazing results.

Why do You Need Lightroom Presets?

1. They will save your time

You will not need to spend a lot of time selecting the ideal color settings by changing each parameter separately. You simply use one preset, and if it does not satisfy you, skip to another.

2. Easy to use

You can easily find the Lightroom presets on the left side of the screen. Also, you have the opportunity to see how this effect will look by hovering the mouse over the selected preset.

3. Edit many photographs fast

Presets are especially valuable for those photo retouchers and photographers who usually deal with tons of pictures (wedding, event, product photographers). The ability to apply the same preset to numerous pictures speeds up your work and gives your photos the same look and style.

4. A simpler picture editing system

Presets allow you to automate more than 80% of your actions.

5. Get a specific look

Beginners in the field of photography can become familiar with how to achieve this or that look for the image, what settings to use to get the desired effect.

6. Source of ideas

You may feel lack original ideas due to the constant implementation of repetitive actions and the use of the same methods. The best free Lightroom presets can also be a source of inspiration, new ideas or a different approach to the photo editing manner. Browse through the various free bundles and find the one that fits your photo.

Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets?

You can come across a wide choice of LR presets. It can be both paid and free plug-ins, universal effects and specially designed for certain types of photos. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to spend a lot of time to find really high-quality bundles. To save you from a long search, we have prepared the best free Lightroom presets that are universal and easy to add. Here you can find the effects you need for different types of images. Vintage look and matte effect, black and white conversions, color saturation, along with other equally impressive presets are available to you completely free of charge. These filters allow you to spend significantly less time editing images. In addition, you do not need to sit for hours at the computer to find the desired effect in Lightroom settings.

100+ Free Lightroom Presets

Portrait LR Presets

This bundle of filters contains a huge variety of effects that can improve your photos, make them worthy of the pages of glossy magazines. This pack of free Lightroom presets for portraits can be a powerful tool for enhancing both studio and lifestyle photographs. You are able to stylize the images like the old film or add glamorous shine to them.

B&W Lightroom Presets

Would you like to give your images a classic monochrome look? Then this set of filters is just what you need. You can use these LR presets with almost every picture giving it either a colder look or soft warm tones.

Free LR Presets for Wedding Pictures

Bring a romantic atmosphere for your event photos using these incredibly beautiful filters. In just a few moments, you can soften tints, reduce contrast, and make the image more gentle and warm. Get these free Lightroom presets wedding and create real masterpieces.

Free Film LR Presets

An amazing bundle of dark, film and moody effects will suit different photography genres. In just a few moments, these plug-ins will add the necessary feelings and traits to your photos, make them pop and moody. Would you like to make your photo look like a shot from a Hollywood movie? Then test this bundle and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Best Universal LR Presets

In this set you can select filters for various types of pictures that will make them more attractive, automatically improve the settings for light, shadows, contrast, etc. Use these filters and you will be able to eliminate minor flaws and emphasize the necessary elements.

Free LR Urban Presets

Use these original presets for city day and night shots. Play with these filters and pick up those that perfectly highlight the architecture, the liveliness of city streets.

Free HDR presets

Filters presented in this bundle will make your landscape and real estate photographs more vivid, vibrant and dynamic. Bring the right mood and style to your images just in a few minutes.

Real Estate LR Presets

This collection will be a great helping hand for those who are engaged in shooting interiors and exteriors. Balanced settings for light, contrast, shadows, white balance, etc. for this type of photography. You just have to pick up those that match your ideas and tastes.

LR Natural Light Presets

These filters will help your photos acquire a nice warm look and give a wonderful color grading in several clicks. This set is rather universal and can be customized to practically any kind of images. These free Lightroom presets for beach photos can change your pictures greatly, it won’t look artificial or oversaturated with many distracting yellow colors.

Product Photography LR Presets

Do you need to make a food photo looks juicy and appetizing? Browse this collection of stunning filters and you will get a powerful tool for enhancing your product pictures. Try different effects and choose the ones that emphasize your subject in the best possible way.

Newborn Photography Free LR Presets

The filters available in this set will hide small skin flaws (as reddish skin) in your pictures and improve color scheme, contrast, and brightness. They will give your photos some kind of lightness and airiness, make them even more lovely and cute. Download the best free Lightroom presets and start creating breathtaking photos even now. No subscription and additional payment!

Landscape LR Presets

If you wish to enhance your shots in the background of a sunset or sunrise, pay attention to these free LR effects. They will give you an opportunity to create the right atmosphere, emphasize the color palette and get rid of the flaws obtained as a result of shooting in natural light.




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