Christmas has just past, but you’ll always have a reason to buy gifts for your designer friends! I’ve always found my web designer friend notoriously difficult to buy gifts for – it must be that innate sense of perfection they have inside they web-design brains of theirs! I once bought a friend of mine a vintage poster – but he didn’t like the typography so it was returned within days!


But, don’t worry – help is at hand! There are a few fail safe gifts for those designers in your life – and the following I have found have always worked a treat!

1. Paper Watches ($)

Every designer loves the quirky, hipster side of life – so find them something truly unique like these paper watches. They’re something a little bit unique and equally cool – and they’re a great party piece for starting up conversations with strangers too.


2. iPad Mini ($$$$)

For the extra special designer in your life – nothing will thrill them more this Christmas than the iPad Mini. Let’s face it – it’s the hippest, coolest gadget on the block and any designer geek worth their salt would be happy with this.

3. Origami Sticky notes ($)

For a cheap gift that will win you brownie points, these cut little origami sticky notes are going to win you serious office points for coolness. Great if you managed to land the web designer as your secret santa this year!

4. Muji Wooden Skylines ($$)

These double as pen stands – but they’re a lovely piece of sculpture just to have on your desk or mantle piece too. They’re made by Muji – a designers favourite, too – famous for keeping things simple but equally pleasing.


5. Moleskine Diary ($$)

The Moleskine is a classic item – and just oozes class and sophistication. It’s something very grown-up, but something that is also incredible cool and savvy at the same time. They come in all different sizes, but also comes with a variety of functions too – such as graphed paper (for technical designers) or plain paper for the more artsy sort.

6. Lexon Around Clock ($$)

Every designer I know has gone crazy for this amazing little clock as it takes something so boring (a clock) but makes it a unique piece of mini-desk sculpture. You’ll never have seen anything like it – and it oozes enough cool to please even the most hipster of designers.


7. Information is Beautiful the Book ($$$)

This book is a favourite of mine and one that will keep any designer entered for hours. It’s a great coffee table piece, and is perfect for anyone who loves looking at beautiful design and interesting information.


8. Apple Track Pad ($$$)

The ultimate gadget for any apple love – the track pad is affordable and an awesome addition to any desk. If your designer is also a tech geek this is something which will transform the way they use their computer!

9. Touch screen Gloves ($$)

These great gloves let you keep your fingers toasty warm while allowing you to access your smart phone without having to take thm off. It’s a problem that has been around since the first touch screen was invented – and now there’s a solution! I don’t know a single designer without a smart phone – so this is a sure fire success!


10. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones ($$$)

Bose is the world’s leading (and best) headphone company and their noise cancelling headphones are beyond incredible. If your designer friends likes to zone out as they work – then these are going to be their new favourite thing.

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