The design of the mobile website is vital for a company to become successful. Nowadys all brick and mortar companies are going digital and embracing mobile and smart phone marketing. But while a creating a webpage, designers and developers tend to do several mistakes which can prove costly. Here are 7 mistakes developers should avoid […]

BSA Verification To celebrate the release of Microsoft’s latest Operating System Windows 8 we have a cool infographic to show just how big Microsoft is. The new look OS is the most revolutionized version of Windows for some time.

The dramatic growth of the application market has coincided with the birth of niche industries around. There has been a proliferation of low-cost and accessible development alternatives to the traditional agencies as well as shops. However, not all of the brands need expansive and diverse functionality into their applications.

As more and more of our shopping and consumer needs are met online, the number and quality of e-commerce websites available to browse on the web also increases. However, the growing number of smartphones and people using mobile devices to access the internet, 10% of all website hits are now made from a mobile device, […]

To me the Apple iPhone is the most stylish smart phone on the market. It’s construction and design is crafted seamlessly and what better way to make your phone even more stylish is a great case to compliment this electronic piece of art.

My latest iPhone app addiction at the moment is the social drawing game Draw Something. When I have a spare 5 mins I have a quick blast against numerous friends and family no matter where they are in the world. If you’ve never played Draw Something then it’s like having a mini game of Pictionary […]

It is one of the most debated questions in the design world – why do designers prefer Mac computers over PC’s? Are Mac’s really that much better or is it just a case of brand snobbery that sees them turning to Apple time and time again?