For ecommerce website owners and webmasters, the number one goal is conversions. Increasing those conversions and creating an optimal environment conducive to sales is a top priority. Today we will discuss ways to increase those shopping cart conversions. The number one rule when evaluating your website’s performance is to continually test the variations of the […]

There are many factors that affect website conversions; some are more abstract than others. The colors that you use in your website design actually do have an effect on the actions that your visitors take and can make the difference between a sale and a visitor leaving the site since colors affect shoppers in a […]

The (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4.0 — Amazing performance, no compromise. If I imagine that you are creating a website today, for sure I make it adaptable to devices Mobile. There are several ways to achieve this goal, or creating different templates for different size or adopt the responsive design. A website responsive is dynamic and you […]

The (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4.0 — Amazing performance, no compromise. Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Hey there. My name is Harouth Arthur Mekhjian but probably a bit better known as ‘artin’ from artingrpahics. I am currently 19 years old and I study architecture at University of Bath in UK. I would like to consider myself […]

Could you please briefly introduce yourself? – Well, my name is Kevin Philippe aka ixnivek (Kevin XI = ‘kevin eleven’ backwords), I am an Art student attending Texas A&M International University. I’m constantly changing locations between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, so I try to enjoy the best of both countries. I enjoy football […]

  Modern life can be chaotic. In between work, volunteering, family schedules, studying, doing chores, meeting friends and simply trying to survive, we all need things to help us stay organised. Often, however, the things we use to organize our lives only add to the chaos. App developers have been working hard to tackle this problem, and […]

Knowing the Basics of HTML 5 HTML 5 has not yet fully released, but we can still use some of its elements. Lets have a look at some of the basic elements of HTML 5  HTML 5 has not been fully developed yet. Though we can use it we will still have to wait for the full blown HTML 5  […]

  When you’re trying to establish yourself as a successful web designer, the more skills you have the better. It’s great if you can design clean, attractive websites that appeal to consumers. Your job prospects will be even better, however, if you can design phenomenal websites, write compelling SEO web copy to increase the search […]