In this collection of great photography we look at the style of emotive portrait which captures emotion not only from the subject’s mood, body language and appearance but which can also be represented with the right lighting and other camera techniques.  

Some of the most spectacular and fascinating photos I have ever seen are of nature or wildlife. We live in a beautiful world and it’s quite easy to grab your camera or smart phone and capture a great shot of a beautiful sky or a bird in flight. Here are 30 nice shots of some […]

I’ve always been a fan of winter photographs; there’s something in them that calms me down. It could be the peacefulness of the landscape or the escape provided by the photo that allows me to wander in my thoughts until I fall asleep or come up with something creative to do.

I’ve always loved fireworks. They paint the dark sky in bright neon colours and can make a huge bang that gets your heart racing. No doubt this year in November I will be standing in the cold on Guy Fawkes Night which is a celebration in my country. I will probably be holding a nice […]