Papercraft has always been popular, mostly in the form of Origami, but with the joys of the web, people can now publish their creations online and there are some interesting examples, that’s for sure! Here we have picked twenty of the best, some very cute, some extremely odd! Keyboard Cat credit: TenSafeFrogs A very cute […]

I love my iPhone and I couldn’t live without it. I love the way that it corrects my words for me when writing text and emails using the auto correct function. The only problem is sometimes it throws in a completely different word to what I actually meant which can cause much confusion on the […]

8th February 2010 – Some days when I am having a bad day or dealing with a ‘client from hell’ which can really stress me out I browse some of the quotes submitted at Clients from Hell and it makes me think that maybe it’s not so bad. After all they do pay the bills […]