Have you been to the bank recently? If you’ve been visiting your local businesses you may have seen digital signage. Businesses with physical locations are starting to use digital signage in most cases. Banks, hotels, hospitals, universities and other businesses are using digital signage for various reasons, but each sign or display aims to get […]

In a world dominated by ‘going green’, companies are constantly looking for ways to define themselves via this focus. Energy themed logos have become more and more common in response to this – but who has the best ones?

The postcard has been around for well over 100 years and is a great way to communicate with people without the use of an envelope. Today we usually print postcards on a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard with a photo of a holiday destination or advertisement.

Clients often ask for logos to be memorable, remarkable and to stand out. At first, that makes it sound a bit like they’re asking for something flashy and in your face – but the use of minimalism can be a great way of making a memorable, remarkable logo that’s both elegant and understated.