The Simpsons has been in my life right from the start. I’ve grown up with the Homer and the gang and they are like family. I still watch them on a regular basis and I never grow tired. It’s one of the only programmes I can watch over and over. Even though I think the […]

A few posts ago I featured an artist from Singapore called Caramelaw in my Showcase of Cities Honoured in Typography post. I instantly fell in love with her colourful, cute and beautiful art. Well in this post I’m going to be featuring the work of Caramelaw who is now one of my favourite graphic designers […]

Illustration in web design is one way to make sure your website stands out from the crowd. Whether it be cute cartoon characters, blocks or fancy shapes it’s one sure way to get peoples attention.  In this collection of 36 stunning examples you can see some of the finest illustrations on the web. A lot […]

When I was 8 years old my parents took me to see my first CGI movie. This movie was the legendary Toy Story made by the one and only Pixar. I’d never seen a proper CGI film before apart from the shorts such as Luxo Jnr (which can be viewed below) and Tin Toy that […]

Having grown up in the 80’s I have an affinity for all things from that great decade. As a kid , one of the best things I can remember about the 80’s is the great selection of Saturday morning cartoons that was on television. Classics such as Transformers, He-Man and the Thundercats and they often […]

I’m a big fan of great art and illustration and while browsing on art sites like DeviantArt you can come across some absolutely stunning pieces of artwork. I just compiled this small collection of 20 Spectacular Artworks by 20 Exceptional Artists. I hope you enjoy the selection I have chosen as I have tried to […]