Halloween is less than a week away and I’m very excited. It’s that time of year I can get dressed up in a spooky outfit and celebrate the scary festivities. In this little round-up I bring you 22 super creative pumpkin carvings or Jack-o-Lanterns to give them their proper name.

These cakes bring back great childhood memories of some of the cool birthday cakes my family made for when I was growing up. My family would always try and make a better cake than the year before and they always managed to incorporate the number of my age into the design somewhere.

Art is all around us wherever we look and even in your local coffee shop, but I’m not talking about the paintings they may have on the wall, I am referring to Latte Art. Latte art if you haven’t seen it before is a method of preparing coffee which is created by pouring steamed milk […]

Last year one of the first posts I wrote for WDM featured a yummy collection of creative cake designs and it only seems fitting that my last post for WDM goes back round full circle and revisits the fabulous world of cakes.  This time around we feature Cake Toppers.

I love art, I love photography and I love food. What if all these were combined? What are the chances? Well I need look no further because having checked out these truly delicious food landscapes created by the very creative Carl Warner then all my dreams have come true.

I’m always on the lookout for great advertisements and the one that gets me salivating the most is the delicious category of food. The food industry is a competitive world and the food companies along with advertising agencies are always having to think of new, clever and creative ways to get you to buy their […]

What they say is true, we eat with our eyes and if something looks good then it makes me want to eat it even more. This is the follow up Let them eat cake – Gorgeously Designed Cakes post from earlier this year and continuing in our culinary collection of deliciously designed food.

20th August 2010 – I love cakes and today I treated myself and my colleagues to a nice box selection of pastries and cup cakes from my local cupcakery.  I was drawn to them on the way to work through the bakery window that tempts me every time I walk past because they look so […]