The word ‘anime’ has acquired a unique and special meaning for its fans all across the globe. While the general viewers consider anime to be animation that is created in Japan, Japanese audience uses ‘anime’ as a broad term to refer to all animation, be it Japanese or foreign. Irrespective of usage, nowadays, anime denotes […]

DestinyBlue (a.k.a Alice de ste Croix) is a professional anime artist from London, England and she has exhibited for over 40 anime and comic events. Alice has also run courses with the BBC on how to draw manga and has a range of bath goodies, lip-balms and candles branded with her unique style.

Being an art student myself I really like anything which shows creativity, imagination and talent. One of the types of art I am really digging at the moment is Anime/Manga style. I like the look, the fantasy, the sexiness and the cuteness.

8th December 2010 – I love animation and I have a vast collection of animation on display on my media shelves at home but on there you won’t find the sugary sweet world of Disney Cinema (apart from Pixar collaborations!) but a huge collection of Japanese anime. I’ve been hooked on anime since I was […]

I’m in the mood for anime this morning and just adore the cuteness of these super artworks that I’ve managed to source out by some truly awesome artists. A big thank you to all the amazing artists and their work that feature in this post. Click on the images to show your appreciation and see […]

Carrying on from 40 Beautiful Anime Illustrations Part 1 this final selection in Part 2 of beautiful anime illustations features great art from some of the big anime movies, series and video games out there  and if you like anime then you might recognise some of the characters and designs including such as Akira, Bleach, […]

I’ve grown up with anime all of my life and ever since I was little it’s been my favourite type of animation. Anime アニメ basically in English refers to a particular style of animation which comes from Japan. Well known for characters with their very large eyes and outrageous haircuts and influenced by Manga Japanese […]