Website is the cardinal piece to your online identity. Whether you are a small/large business, e-commerce Company, blogger or a freelancer, having your own website is the pillar to your online identity. It not only gives a central platform for your audiences to land upon but also serves as an extension to what your brand is. From your end, it is essential to provide a safe, interesting and reliable experience to your audiences through your website.

Depending upon the nature of your work, the design, functionality and mobile responsiveness of your website might vary. However, whatever sort of interactions ensue on your website, security remains a critical vista for it. If there are not proper security measures, the credibility of your business might suffer immensely and it can also be disastrous for your customers or audience.

WordPress & Security

WordPress is one of the most secure and reliable Content Management System for building a website. The security team works on great lengths to provide a hassle free secure experience to both users and developers. WordPress especially focuses on responding quickly to any security threats within the core WordPress software and third-party plugins and tools.

However, despite all the measures WordPress take to create a safe and secure CMS, there are still potential risks. From time to time, WordPress releases updates to patch up system fragilities but still the security threats loom over the CMS users.

  • Users use third-party tools in tandem with WordPress which open them to a wide possibility of attacks. Third-party tools are not always secure. It does not mean to distrust the third-party plugins, software and themes but to rather put up cautionary defenses to protect your website and its users.
  • Generally CMS users believe that they are immune to attacks because they are small businesses or websites with less traffic. However this is not true, hackers attack any website which has a potential opening to bypass security measures. This makes it easier for them to access sensitive user data which is otherwise not accessible to them.

Types of Risks

In order to move along the tangent of security measures, it is imperative to understand what types of risks a WordPress website might run into. A recent Wordfence Survey finds out about what types of attacks the CMS users have experienced. Here is a consolidated chart of their findings.

Figure: Wordfence Survey

It is evident from the survey that hackers do not care for the size of business or traffic density. If there is an opening to take advantage of, hackers will take it. According to statistics From 40,000+ WordPress Websites in Alexa Top 1 Million, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Protect Your Visitors

Any website with substantial visitors must have realized that there is a lot of sensitive and personal user data that is transacted over their site. Visitors, unaware of cyber-realities, presume that however they interact with the site, their personal data is protected and kept under anonymity. Thus keeping their confidence intact and conducting their experience securely is an important step towards maintaining you credibility and providing them with a hassle free experience.

1. Select a Reliable Web Host

Investing in a good web hosting service for your WordPress website is taking the first step towards securing your website and protecting your visitor’s privacy. There are many host providers that assure quality site security, 24 hours monitoring, website backups and individual hosting space.

Checking for your host providers reviews and track records for managing security issues is one way to identify if your existing provider grants a secure environment for you and our users. If you are starting a blog/website then it is of prime importance that you select your hosting provider carefully.

2. Set up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Once you have identified your web host, check out if they provide a SSL Certificate. Most of the hosting providers offer a SSL Certificate but even if they don’t, you can consider others who issue a free & valid SSL Certificate to your site.

Websites dealing in sensitive information must have SSL set up as it provides for an extra layer of protection via encryption to your users data. It basically bars third-party to gain access to your visitor’s information. SSL certificates also aids in your SEO as Google and other search engines drive traffic towards more secure, valid and trusted sources.

3. Set up a Firewall

I have been stressing again and again on the importance of a good web host. Most of the hosting providers by default install a firewall for your server. Firewalls are a good way to thwart unwanted visitors and hackers. It adds an extra layer of protection to your site.

4. Use a CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is commonly associated with faster loading speeds but also provides additional security checks for your website. Generally people consider CDN as additional hosting service which comes at a certain cost but in fact it is a network that sits on top of your hosting and aids in delivering non-static content to visitors.

CloudFlare is one good example of an efficient CDN.

5. DDoS Mitigation Services

If your website handles huge amounts of traffic or it’s a large enterprise, you must definitely consider investing in DDoS Mitigation services. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Hackers use Attack Launchpad Security threats to invade your site for the purpose of attacking another one. They generally drive overwhelming amounts of traffic to your site forcing it to crash and consequently denying site visitors any access.

DDoS provides with an extra layer of protection to your website from serious security threats that can result in complete crash of your site and leak of visitor data.

A lot of companies that provide CDN and SSL also provide with a DDoS Mitigation services. You can research well so that all your security measures can be put under one umbrella.

6. Secure your Plugins

Third-party plugins are a vulnerable place through which your website might get hacked. Though WordPress reviews all third-party tool submissions but still it is highly likely that some insecurity might pass through them.

  • It is wise to go through the information WordPress collects on plugins. Check for plugin ratings, reviews, active installs, WP compatibility and last update before selecting a plugin. You can also go through negative ratings to see what type of issues might surface.
  • If you know PHP then you can go through the plugin script to identify any malicious coding in it. Tools like Defender are highly useful to scan your website for any vulnerability due to malicious script or codes.
  • You can use security plugins to monitor other plugins, scan their scripts, monitor their activity and check their access level. Wordfence is a popular option among budding WP users.

7. Clear Your Spam

Spammers can hit you overwhelming dragging down the credibility and reliability of your site. It is best to use plugins that can ward off such spammers by identifying them through known spammer IP addresses.

It is best to not store the IP address of commenters in the first place so that while collecting IP address info from your site, your visitor’s information stays secure. There are anti-splog plugin that prevent fake spammer accounts to come through. You can also use WordPress settings to not “allow link notifications from other blogs” to prevent trackbacks and pingbacks in your comments.00

8. Enforce Stronger Login Settings

Whenever a user is given access to your website, it is highly likely that some users might maliciously try to get into more sensitive and restricted information. To prevent this you can follow simple steps:

  • Encrypt users’ passwords with bcrypt hashing
  • Secure wp-admin directory by requiring additional username and password
  • You can also use Google Authenticator Plugin for two-factor authentication
  • Require users to choose a strong password containing letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Limit login attempts and lock out anyone who exceeds a certain number of those attempts.

Wrapping up

Securing the private information of visitors and maintaining their anonymity is a crucial factor in developing a reliable, secure and trustworthy business. Any online identity becomes a trusted source only if it provides users with a secure environment.

Security breach is harmful for your users but also is disastrous for you as a brand. It hurts you revenues, SEO rankings, online reputation and your audience’s trust. Ensure that you set up defenses for your website and work with trusted third-parties. Taking precautionary steps to secure your visitor information is an important touch point towards a successful and reliable online presence.

Nowadays, it’s easy to spot kids using their laptops, tablets, and mobiles to play their favorite online games. Although this may be a great source of entertainment, digital games can impact your child’s life negatively.  Moreover, there are many other kid’s online dangers to be concerned about, like predators, adult content, and cyberbullies.

  1. Online gaming is addictive

There are various online games for kids, and they can be very addictive. Secondly, they are significant causes of obesity, postural, and skeletal disorders. Kids suffering from addiction often seclude themselves and sometimes exhibit depression symptoms, anxiety, and unpredictable behavior.

To prevent your child from playing addicting games on their mobile, search “sell my cell phone online” online and trade the device. Some sites like will offer you free shipping and compensate you promptly.

  1. Socially unacceptable behavior

While playing online games, kids are likely to display questionable behavior like the use of profanities and bullying others. Others lack skills on how to sift content available on the internet, and this is a cause of concern. Besides, there are different sorts of information online, including pornography and explicit images. So, show your child the games to play and monitor them while playing.

  1. Poor performance

If your child spends most of the time playing digital games, they may utilize the valuable time that could otherwise be useful for studying. They can skip homework to play games online, and this can lead to declined performance.

Final thoughts

Digital games can affect a child’s life in various ways. It’s your role as a parent to speak to your child on the dangers of online games. Also, set time limits to restrain your child from playing when they ought to be attending to other chores.

Brand identity is what matters the most in this world, and we will like you guys to know that if you are not focusing on the identification of your brand, then you are going to face a lot of loss in the long run! You should be very clear with the concept of branding and brand imaging, and you guys should be very clear that without brand identity, your business is a complete loss and you won’t be able to flourish or mature in this field if you don’t pay proper attention to it!

Now here we will not blame new entrepreneurs, and this is just because the cost of designing and branding has become a lot more difficult to bear than it was in the past! To give you heads up about this article today, we are going to talk about logo designing and how it helps your business in maturing as a complete establishment! We will like you guys to know logo designing can cost you more than 800 dollars for a single design! Now, this is not affordable, especially for a small business or a start-up program!

Now in this seven-minute article, we are going to tell you all about the logo designing and how you can do it for free!

Free Logo Maker Tool!

So guys today we are going to tell you about the best free logo maker tool by the small SEO tools! You guys should know that there are more than different ways to simply make your business unique and apart from its competition, and we will like you guys to know that the logo is the most important part of your brand’s identification and distinction! You should understand that a logo is the best thing that will leave a very significant impact on the minds of the people that are interested in your brand or those who have tried the services of your brand once! Many people take logo designing and placement as a joke, but we will like you guys to know that a simple logo can easily do a small business into one of the leading brands of the world!

To understand the power of the logo and how it can lift a business with a thrust can only be learned through experience or by studying the brands that are today known by their logos instead of their names! You can simply take the example of Amazon, Nike, Adidas, and even Apple Inc. you guys should know that all of these brands and businesses started small and became big just because they provided quality along with the identification and discrimination of that quality! You see how effective a logo can be for you guys if you simply establish it from the very start!

Now the biggest confusion and problem of the decade is whether you have to hire an expert or take the services of a reputed logo designing agency for your logo! Well, you can do so if you want to, but we don’t recommend it because it will simply cost you 800 to 8000 US dollars for a single logo design, and this is a huge cost that we will ask you to avoid even if you have it! The free logo maker online tool by the small SEO tools is the tool that you can use to make free logos for your brand, and we recommend this because of the reason that the explanation and the story about your brand can be put in a better way by you instead of asking a designer’s ideas!

So what’s the point of paying a huge amount to a person who doesn’t understand your brand and business; instead you should try and make sure that you use the free logo maker by SST! Now people usually get confused about how to use the free logo maker tool and so you don’t have to worry because today we are going to tell you all about the use of the tool!

Does This Free Logo Maker Work On Mobiles?

Well, this is yet another surprise for you guys! You can easily design logos on your mobile by simply downloading the free logo maker app from the play store! This app is the best app that you can use to design logos on your mobiles, and you should know that this app has the same features as the website that we have mentioned above in detail! We would like you guys to experience the use of this tool so that you can get rid of the cost and the time of logo designing once and for all! If you want to use the website to design your logo then simply click on this link and start designing logos

How to Make a Logo Design Online?

Now, first of all, we would like you guys to know that to use this free logo maker, you don’t need to have any experience in logo designing or let alone design! Even a layman having no knowledge about logos can create his own logo with the help of this tool for his small business! Now people usually think that to use online designing services, you need special software programs to run them on your desktop or mobile systems, but here we will like you guys to know that you can simply design logos with the help of this tool by just logging on to! to get free and unlimited services of the tool, we will like you guys to simply register yourself with the tool using your email account!

Now don’t worry as the registration is free, and you don’t have to pay anything to get free services of the tool! You just have to sign-in, open up the tool, and follow the steps that we have mentioned below, which will help you become a prop logo designer!

  1. First of all, you guys should know that when you pen up the tool, you will see a lot of sections on the left side of the screen! We would like you guys to know that all of these sections cater to different templates related to a certain business niche! Now there are plenty of categories and unlimited amounts of templates in each category that you can select for your business! So, first of all, choose the category that suits you and your business best and then start looking for the best template that attracts you and compliments your business as well!
  2. Now, after you select your favorite logo template form the category, you have selected you should know that you have to click on the template, now after clicking on the template you will simply be reverted to the dashboard where you will get different editing options for the template that you have selected! Now when you click the edit logo option in the dashboard, you will simply see that you can change the color, the style, and the overlay of the template completely!
  3. Now when you are done with your free-style editing and placement, you should move towards the next step of logo designing, and that is the placement of your text on the logo! You should know that you can easily add text and meta title in the logo and not only add it, but you can also simply make changes to the color of the text and the logo, you can cater the size of the text and the logo accordingly, you can change the style and the font of the text, you can do the shadow to the text, you can fix the opacity of the text accordingly, and you can also make other changes to the text once you start using the tool!
  4. Now let us move to the next step of logo designing, and we will like you guys to know that this, too, is a very famous and amazing feature of this free logo maker tool! With the free logo maker tool, you can easily help yourself out in adjusting and changing the background of the logo and the text according to your preference! You should know that you will get around hundreds of free backgrounds that you can use to simply get the background of your own choice!
  5. Now people are usually worried that they would make mistakes in editing the logo and also in designing it in the right way, but we will like you guys to know that even if you have entered a layer mistakenly or if you have made a blunder in editing then you don’t have to worry as you don’t have to start from the beginning rather you have to make sure that you click on the delete step or the UNDO button! The special feature of hiding and un-hiding the tool will help you out in the simple viewing of the logo without any additional layers!
  6. You can easily save the design of the logo once you finalize it after editing it! you can download it easily in high-quality on your device, may it be your phone or your computer system!

Why Is the Free Logo Maker Considered as The Best Tool?

Now you should know that you will find more than hundreds of free tools on the web that you can use to create free logo designs, but we will like you guys to understand that not all of them are reliable and easy to use! The best feature about the free logo maker by the small SEO tools is that it provides categories that best suit your business! You won’t be able to find these kinds of features on any website providing free logo services! You guys should know that not only this website excels in managing the categories and the templates, but it also has the best repute in designing the plagiarism-free logos!

Now we will also like you guys to know that the use of the tool is very much user-friendly, and this tool can be used by anyone and everyone related or non-related to the field of designing or even business! The tool is designed in such a way that it truly is the best free logo maker tool that you could ever find on the internet! The use of this tool will surely help you out in making your life easy!

Now another feature of the tool that makes it unique is the one-click save feature of the tool! With the help of this tool, you can easily save the logo on your device with just one simple click! When you click on the save button, the logo gets saved in the blink of an eye and goes straight into the default folder in which all of your downloads are already present!

Is The Free Logo Maker Really Free?

Now, this is a question that revolves around the mind of many users! This is just because of the reason that there are many applications and tools on the web which will ask you for payment when you have completed the designing of the logo just to download it on your device! Now, this is serious shit, and you should know that you should avoid the uses of such websites and applications! The free logo maker by the small SEO tools, on the other hand, is a completely free tool, and you don’t have to pay a single penny from the first step of registration to the last step for downloading or saving the logo on your device!

If you want to establish your brand on a larger scale all around the world, then this is the tool that you should use to design a logo for your site/business! You should also know that this tool is available in different languages, and you can simply make sure that you use multiple languages like Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and many others to design your logo or to add text in the logo!


How to Boost SEO and Generating Organic Traffic to Your Website

Even though most people will find it somewhat strange, for websites to perform their function, they need to be live and current. Every update made on the website should serve to interact not only with visitors but also with the search engines because it serves nobody’s purpose to have a website that is not updated, and which, for all practical purposes can be considered as dead with nothing new to offer. On the other hand, a website whose contents are refreshed continually serves as a wonderful resource for search engines to offer results that meet with the search intent better, and will thus be inclined to boost the website higher up in the search page rankings. As per, Google measures your content for freshness first, and then scores every page as per the kind of search query.

Some of the most apparent benefits of updating your website with fresh content regularly:

More Frequent Indexing

While just by updating your website, you may not be able to improve your search rankings but the more frequently you keep updating the website with fresh information in the form of new pages, new articles, and updated data, the more frequently the search engine bots will visit your website to index the new contents. When this happens, you automatically have the opportunity to leverage your content to achieve a higher search ranking. The indexing of the contents of a website is done by web crawlers that keep scanning the internet for fresh information that has not been indexed.

Every search engine employs these web crawlers to index the information found on the net according to the parameters set by its algorithm to make sense of what the content is all about so that it can be served to users in response to specific search queries. Whether your website will feature in the search rankings is a function of how well the indexed contents are interpreted by the search engine to be relevant to the search intent of the user.

By updating your website frequently with fresh information, you may be able to increase the chances of improving your search ranking as the search engine keeps on scouring the net for fresh content. Lest it is misunderstood, you will be able to improve your rankings if and only if the fresh content is of very high quality, is original, is relevant to the search intent of the users, and add value to the user. Whenever the keywords are inserted, they need to be infused naturally taking care not to stuff the content with too many keywords, which will only invite ranking penalties.

Frequent Updates Turn On Google

Since Google is the world’s most dominant search engine, it exerts a tremendous influence on how websites are developed and how webmasters and content managers structure the site. Since Google’s sole mission is to deliver results that it thinks are the most relevant to the intent of the search by the user, it loves fresh content because it widens the scope for delivering results to users. Therefore, by adding fresh and high-quality content to your website, you can increase the appeal of the website to Google, especially if you establish a track record of frequently updating the website.

Google considers a website to be frequently updated if fresh content is added to it at least twice or thrice weekly. However, the caveat remains that the frequency of updating should not overshadow the quality and relevance of the content to the target audience because it is only when that the website contents are valuable and reliable that the chances of achieving better search engine results page ranks improve.

If the idea of generating fresh and valuable content regularly seems daunting; you can take recourse to a blog where you can simply keep on adding posts written either by yourself or by guest writers to add a different perspective to the subject. If the contents provoke comments and reactions by users, the value of the blog goes up as each interaction is interpreted by Google as an update.

Increases Opportunity for Using More Keywords

Publishing fresh content not only allows content managers to present new ideas and perspectives on a subject to the target audience but also get the chance of infusing more keywords into the content. Despite search engines becoming smarter in interpreting the meaning as well as the context of the content, the importance of keywords has not diminished. Keywords are representations of what the users want to search for and content containing exact or close matches to the keyword has a better chance of featuring high on the search results page.

Adding fresh content regularly is a matchless opportunity for content managers and SEO practitioners to optimize the content with relevant keywords that are more relevant to the search intent to attract more eyeballs and generate more traffic. However, it is to be clearly understood that Google is now extremely sensitive to keyword stuffing and will penalize content that it believes is artificially developed for users without having any intention of serving real informational needs. Get in touch with one of the trustworthy SEO companies – Social Market Way for professional assistance and perfect SEO solutions.

Fresh Content Boosts Your Authoritativeness

All webmasters are aspiring to become industry authority in the eyes of Google. The most effective stratagem for becoming an industry stalwart is by following the SEO proverb content is always the king. When you start publishing more valuable and relevant content about your industry, your website would be enjoying a much greater authority potential. Moreover, if you assess the websites of your competitors, you could figure out that the authority sites relating to your specific industry are having countless pages that are indexed by Google. Incidentally, Google is used to measuring relevance by evaluating site saturation. You could achieve the sublime status of an authority site by publishing more valuable content.

You could become an authority site, by devoting undivided attention to publishing news updates and the latest developments in the industry more frequently. This could prove to be a fruitful stratagem and every time, you are adding a news story, a new page is generated and effectively indexed by Google. If you keep generating high-quality content on a specific topic, you would be regarded as a solid authority and eventually, people would develop a deep trust in you and acknowledge whatever you say. Once people develop faith in you, they would not hesitate to buy from you. In this context, you must understand that social networking sites are the best destination to head to for building solid authority on a specific topic. Moreover, by putting in helpful and valuable comments on somebody’s blogs, answering to the queries on forums, and posting original in-depth content, you could boost your reputation and win the authority that is necessary for your industry.

If you are coming up consistently with absolutely top-grade content, users are bound to become loyal. You must keep in mind that loyalty cannot be bought, it has to be earned. This would provide petty business owners an opportunity to come into direct competition with the industry stalwarts.

Conclusion: Inform Your Audience & Keep Them Updated

You must consider updating your website with high-quality valuable articles to keep all your subscribers abreast of the latest developments in the industry and to provide valuable information so that new visitors would be converting to customers. You could consider using an RSS feed for updating your subscribers every time, fresh content is published on your website. When you consistently keep your target audience engaged, long-term loyalty is generated that would be translating into returning traffic.

An overview of wordpress web development for beginners

An overview of wordpress web development for beginners

WordPress has become impressively popular since its release in 2003. Today, according to Who Is Hosting This, WordPress powers 35% of the entire internet including 14.7% of the top 100 websites.


A part of this popularity comes from how user-friendly the platform is to web developers. Not just professional developers either – even the casual designer or new small business can create their own website without much trouble.


Yet, that doesn’t mean that the development process is perfectly spelled out from the beginning. Even such a straight-forward website can take a little time to adapt to. The good news is that, with this handy guide, you’ll have a better idea of where to go for help and how to get your company’s website started.


WordPress: What Beginners Need to Know


Working with a Developer


While WordPress caters to all users, including new ones, it’s still a good idea to reach out for help. A WordPress web development company can add a lot of value to a website because they have the experience and knowledge to create a one-of-a-kind site that isn’t only aesthetically appealing but drives traffic.


This comes down largely to the fact that even with so many features at a developer’s fingertips, it’s going to be difficult to use these expertly if they’ve never seen them before. Additionally, a development company can guide your company through the process.


Learning How to Use WordPress

webdesign wordpress

webdesign wordpress

While the design of the platform accommodates even brand new users, part of the mass appeal of WordPress comes from their community. As mentioned, there are a lot of users on WordPress and they’ve all learned what they know over time. Luckily, many decide to share this information in the form of tutorials and custom plugins to streamline site management processes.


Choosing a Domain Name


A domain name holds a lot of information. To consumers, this is how they’ll recognize your company’s site in particular. It also serves as an important keyword. If someone searches the information in a domain name, the company’s website will come up.


As a developer, it’s key to make this domain name memorable. It’s best to stay as close to the company name as possible but some if a domain name of just the company’s title is in use by another site, remember not to stray too far from it.


Don’t Forget SEO


SEO, or search engine optimization, is what makes your company’s website easy to find and drives in higher traffic. There are a lot of factors that relate to this rating such as the use of keywords in content, tags, and coding and the overall quality of the site. Don’t forget to incorporate SEO into the site as it’s developed to ensure that you’re effectively driving traffic towards the company.


Knowing About Hosting

WEbdesign hosting

WEbdesign hosting

There are three main hosting packages: shared, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting. Shared hosting is when many users operate on a single server, splitting the cost. VPS hosting stands for virtual private server hosting and it is a shared server but with a lower population. Managed WordPress hosting is a more individualized approach that offers additional security and traffic capacity but comes at a higher cost.


Don’t Forget Security


WordPress is a generally safe platform for web development but security issues are often the catch for many popular tech tools. Because of this popularity, not only are beginner users able to get familiar with the ins and outs of the website quickly but malicious parties such as hackers can as well. This opens your company up to a significant risk level if the right precautions aren’t taken.


There are some basic steps to take such as making sure to use strong usernames and passwords as well as keeping the platform, themes, and plugins the company uses updated regularly. It’s also a good idea to take the time to incorporate security-related plugins into the site like idle user logouts.


Choosing a Theme for a Website


One of the most basic components of WordPress is the use of themes. Themes give websites on the platform their fundamental appearance and function. The platform offers a variety of pre-made themes and other users have added to the library as well. However, custom themes tend to fare better which is another task that a WordPress site development company can help your business with.


Don’t Overdo It When Designing the Sidebar


Sidebars are a great way to direct website visitors towards other information you want them to see. However, many beginner developers make the mistake of overcrowding the sidebar with everything they think their consumers might take interest in from social media links to ads. Unfortunately, this often has the effect of making the sidebar overwhelming and uninteresting to users.


Instead, developers should make sure that the sidebar contains only the easy-to-consume essentials. This will not only entice users to interact with the sidebar, but it will also go a long way in making sure the site doesn’t look messy or cluttered.


Be Careful with Plugins Too


The sidebar isn’t the only thing that can get cluttered easily. WordPress and its users have released a high volume of plugins and many of them are very attractive. Yet, using too many plugins can have a negative effect.


Namely, the use of too many plugins can clog the site up and slow down loading times. In an era where consumers expect instantaneous results to their requests, this can greatly reduce conversion rates. When users click away from a website rather than stay on it, this also negatively affects the website’s ranking in search engines, making it more difficult to find.




If you’re dipping into WordPress for the first time, don’t worry! The platform welcomes new users with open arms rather than intimidate them away. This is largely thanks to both WordPress’ ease of use and resources like other users and website development companies as well. Once you have the time to experiment with WordPress and lean on the help from resources like this one, your company’s site will be up and running in no time.

Lightroom is one of the most commonly used programs for photo color correction and basic photo editing. You can use a variety of color settings and perform numerous operations to improve your photos. Free Lightroom presets are another powerful tool for instant photo correction. You have the opportunity to add the desired effect to your pictures in just a few clicks. Using presets you save your time and achieve amazing results.

Why do You Need Lightroom Presets?

1. They will save your time

You will not need to spend a lot of time selecting the ideal color settings by changing each parameter separately. You simply use one preset, and if it does not satisfy you, skip to another.

2. Easy to use

You can easily find the Lightroom presets on the left side of the screen. Also, you have the opportunity to see how this effect will look by hovering the mouse over the selected preset.

3. Edit many photographs fast

Presets are especially valuable for those photo retouchers and photographers who usually deal with tons of pictures (wedding, event, product photographers). The ability to apply the same preset to numerous pictures speeds up your work and gives your photos the same look and style.

4. A simpler picture editing system

Presets allow you to automate more than 80% of your actions.

5. Get a specific look

Beginners in the field of photography can become familiar with how to achieve this or that look for the image, what settings to use to get the desired effect.

6. Source of ideas

You may feel lack original ideas due to the constant implementation of repetitive actions and the use of the same methods. The best free Lightroom presets can also be a source of inspiration, new ideas or a different approach to the photo editing manner. Browse through the various free bundles and find the one that fits your photo.

Where to Find Free Lightroom Presets?

You can come across a wide choice of LR presets. It can be both paid and free plug-ins, universal effects and specially designed for certain types of photos. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to spend a lot of time to find really high-quality bundles. To save you from a long search, we have prepared the best free Lightroom presets that are universal and easy to add. Here you can find the effects you need for different types of images. Vintage look and matte effect, black and white conversions, color saturation, along with other equally impressive presets are available to you completely free of charge. These filters allow you to spend significantly less time editing images. In addition, you do not need to sit for hours at the computer to find the desired effect in Lightroom settings.

100+ Free Lightroom Presets

Portrait LR Presets

This bundle of filters contains a huge variety of effects that can improve your photos, make them worthy of the pages of glossy magazines. This pack of free Lightroom presets for portraits can be a powerful tool for enhancing both studio and lifestyle photographs. You are able to stylize the images like the old film or add glamorous shine to them.

B&W Lightroom Presets

Would you like to give your images a classic monochrome look? Then this set of filters is just what you need. You can use these LR presets with almost every picture giving it either a colder look or soft warm tones.

Free LR Presets for Wedding Pictures

Bring a romantic atmosphere for your event photos using these incredibly beautiful filters. In just a few moments, you can soften tints, reduce contrast, and make the image more gentle and warm. Get these free Lightroom presets wedding and create real masterpieces.

Free Film LR Presets

An amazing bundle of dark, film and moody effects will suit different photography genres. In just a few moments, these plug-ins will add the necessary feelings and traits to your photos, make them pop and moody. Would you like to make your photo look like a shot from a Hollywood movie? Then test this bundle and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Best Universal LR Presets

In this set you can select filters for various types of pictures that will make them more attractive, automatically improve the settings for light, shadows, contrast, etc. Use these filters and you will be able to eliminate minor flaws and emphasize the necessary elements.

Free LR Urban Presets

Use these original presets for city day and night shots. Play with these filters and pick up those that perfectly highlight the architecture, the liveliness of city streets.

Free HDR presets

Filters presented in this bundle will make your landscape and real estate photographs more vivid, vibrant and dynamic. Bring the right mood and style to your images just in a few minutes.

Real Estate LR Presets

This collection will be a great helping hand for those who are engaged in shooting interiors and exteriors. Balanced settings for light, contrast, shadows, white balance, etc. for this type of photography. You just have to pick up those that match your ideas and tastes.

LR Natural Light Presets

These filters will help your photos acquire a nice warm look and give a wonderful color grading in several clicks. This set is rather universal and can be customized to practically any kind of images. These free Lightroom presets for beach photos can change your pictures greatly, it won’t look artificial or oversaturated with many distracting yellow colors.

Product Photography LR Presets

Do you need to make a food photo looks juicy and appetizing? Browse this collection of stunning filters and you will get a powerful tool for enhancing your product pictures. Try different effects and choose the ones that emphasize your subject in the best possible way.

Newborn Photography Free LR Presets

The filters available in this set will hide small skin flaws (as reddish skin) in your pictures and improve color scheme, contrast, and brightness. They will give your photos some kind of lightness and airiness, make them even more lovely and cute. Download the best free Lightroom presets and start creating breathtaking photos even now. No subscription and additional payment!

Landscape LR Presets

If you wish to enhance your shots in the background of a sunset or sunrise, pay attention to these free LR effects. They will give you an opportunity to create the right atmosphere, emphasize the color palette and get rid of the flaws obtained as a result of shooting in natural light.



In today’s world, if you want to taste the flavor of success from your business on which you have put an effort,
there is no other option in-front of you, other than going for the online marketing. The business owners can target the
global as well as local market by creating their own website. This is same in the case of both beginners or a big business house.

You have to compete with the business giants of the industry to establish yourself and your business. So, you cannot just rely
on some ready-made designs, as it can produce a negative approach from your audience towards your business. The online visitors
always look for a website which has some creativity in it. They also prefer a website, which is user friendly and easy to navigate.
So, a Professional Web Design Company, exactly goes for the strategies which will elevate the reputation of your company.

How to Find a Professional Web Design Company:

By only developing your website, you will not be able to stay in the competition along with the big business tycoons of the market. For that reason you need to find a professional company who will value all your expectations from your business and then go on with the making of your website.

A Professional Web Design Company will do research on the background of your company and only then they will proceed with their working on the website.
Visitors of your website will definitely be attracted with the beautiful design of your website but if the content is not good enough, there is a chance for you to stay behind in the competition.
Professional web design companies know their work very well, thus they also know, how to make your business successful.
If you are going for a freelance designer, then first make sure, that whether it would be possible for him to deliver the work in time or not.
Another thing which you should look in a professional web design company before hiring them to do your work is whether they are making your website engine friendly and attractive.
Necessity of Hiring a Professional Company:

A professional web design company knows very well that how to give your business a boost, by which it will be able to achieve it’s expected success.

The design of the mobile website is vital for a company to become successful. Nowadys all brick and mortar companies are going digital and embracing mobile and smart phone marketing. But while a creating a webpage, designers and developers tend to do several mistakes which can prove costly. Here are 7 mistakes developers should avoid in a mobile web design.

Creating seperate URLs for mobiles

Having a separate URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your mobile website is a the biggest mistake committed by the companies in their mobile web design campaign. There visitors can face redirection problems and moreover the server cannot identify whether a browser belongs to a PC or a smart phone device.

Slow downloading of web pages

Slow loading time can turn the visitors away from a website. Users always want a page to load quickly so that they don’t have to wait to get the necessary information or see their favorite image. To surmount this problem, developers should take help of tools like the Google Analytics Plugin and Page Speed Online to make the users glued to the website. A professional Mobile web Design Company in USA can make the ideal mobile web design to take a business to a different level.

Giving excessive information on the page

It is true that the users seek information in a webpage. But too much of anything is never good. Similiarly, if the the overall look of the page is bombarded with too much information, then it can ruin its appeal and leave the users dissapointed when it comes to the readability aspect of the page.

Not making enough use of CSS, images and Vector Graphics

To make a webpage in a mobile repsonsive and interactive, it is important to utilize assets like HTML, Vector graphics and images. The combination of the three can do wonders for the mobile webpage by making it both dynamic and graphically powerful.


Inappropriate cross links

Developers often commit the mistake of having cross links to an inappropriate page such as having the mobile pages connect to the computer website’s homepage. Irrelevant cross links can ruin the page and annoy the users.

Emphasizing on devices instead of screens

Developers often tend to focus more on mobile devices instead of screens. A mobile webpage should be designed on the basis of the device screens such as Micro-screens, Small screens, Mid-range, Large, Extra-large.The device alone does not indicate the size of the screen anymore, so it should not be the only yardstick for the web developers when designing a mobile web page.

Filling long forms in a small mobile display

Many organizations try to generate leads for their business by asking the users to fill a long contact form in a small display. This is a wrong ploy as filling a long contact form is near to impossible if users are using a touch phone with a small screen. There is also another negative aspect to it and that is the information provided by the users may not be kept confidential and they can also think exactly that. Large and small organizations should hire Mobile web Design Company in USA as they boast of expert panel of designers and developers who avoid all the pitfalls and come up with unique and innovative mobile web design concepts.Avoid these mistakes and make your mobile webpage as effective as you wanted it to be. Get started right now.

Designing IOS and Android Apps

As a mobile app designer or developer, you’ll probably at some point of time will have to show your design to your client or team. Irrespective of whether you want to create a design for iOS or Android app, you will most likely visualize design ideas in your mind. Make sure to give those ideas a visual (or concrete) form, or you may forget them. One best way to do so requires prototyping an app design. Once you’ve finalized your prototype, you can begin with building your app using some mobile platform.
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WooCommerce Composite

In the endeavor of creating configurable products, the composite product types play a decisive role. They really ease the overall process with their very organized, very dynamic, and also a little complex groupings.

Components are the building blocks that make up a standard composite product.
Now, they are not mandatory to use, but if you are indeed using them, you again have more than one component options to make a choice from. All these options are associated with a product.

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