It’s been a while since we featured any fonts for you to download but today we have a huge collection for you to make up for it. There is 63 in total and the best thing is that all these fonts are all free for you to download and get creative today. This collection is […]

DestinyBlue (a.k.a Alice de ste Croix) is a professional anime artist from London, England and she has exhibited for over 40 anime and comic events. Alice has also run courses with the BBC on how to draw manga and has a range of bath goodies, lip-balms and candles branded with her unique style.

I’ve often visited my family and friends homes and admired the many galleries of children’s artwork that get pinned on the fridge or kitchen notice boards. I know that when I was younger I was really proud that my mum had pinned my drawings on the fridge door and my dad even took them to […]

I love my iPhone and I couldn’t live without it. I love the way that it corrects my words for me when writing text and emails using the auto correct function. The only problem is sometimes it throws in a completely different word to what I actually meant which can cause much confusion on the […]

You may remember our competition from last month to get your hands on one of the best prizes we have ever offered at WDM. One lucky person could get their hands on a fabulous Apple iPad 2. What a great Christmas present huh?! Well I can’t wait because today I announce the lucky winner of […]