Art is all around us wherever we look and even in your local coffee shop, but I’m not talking about the paintings they may have on the wall, I am referring to Latte Art. Latte art if you haven’t seen it before is a method of preparing coffee which is created by pouring steamed milk […]

To me the Apple iPhone is the most stylish smart phone on the market. It’s construction and design is crafted seamlessly and what better way to make your phone even more stylish is a great case to compliment this electronic piece of art.

Logos play a very important part of your branding and getting the right logo design for your company isn’t always easy. A pet company I recently worked for took months to decide on the right logo for their business and in the end they decided to go with a logo which was inspired by animals […]

As typography plays a vital part in design it’s always nice to have a good selection of fonts to aid you in your projects. Although we have featured many fonts over the last couple of years (see links at bottom of post) from today onwards we will do a monthly feature of top fonts and […]

Being an art student myself I really like anything which shows creativity, imagination and talent. One of the types of art I am really digging at the moment is Anime/Manga style. I like the look, the fantasy, the sexiness and the cuteness.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching I think it is only right to show some love and give away some FREE fonts. These are special fonts as they are inspired by love and hearts and are ideal for Valentine’s Day projects or for creating a little something for your loved one.

While I was visiting London the other month I came across some truly amazing 3D street art. 3D street art although drawn in 2D gives a 3-dimensional illusion when viewed from a specific standpoint. Some of the artworks are visually stunning and you can almost believe that what you are viewing is real.