Social media presence has become essential for most brands! And if yours is a web designing firm or you work as a web designer, having an account on Instagram is necessary. Being primarily designed and launched as an image sharing website/app, Instagram reflects a creative element right from the start. Hence, it is not surprising that web designers and other creative professionals love to have an Instagram profile. Everything from the news feed display, the filters, and the advanced features is meant for making unique and creative images and other posts that highlight your creativity. It is not surprising that most website designers today want to leverage Instagram and use it to their benefit.

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Strategies to leverage Instagram

Are you a web designer? If yes, you can opt-in for the following strategies to use on Instagram to gain more online mileage and expand your business.

  1. Make posts that will interest your viewers and clients

It’s a smart call to open a business Instagram profile. That will give the impression to others that using Instagram for work and people will resonate accordingly. For your daily posts, choose subjects and information that will provide valid details about what you do. That would mean you can post about web design basics and share crucial terms. You can explain what a server-side scripting and semantic mark-up is. It will help you to connect with other aspiring web designers and start an interesting conversation. When more people participate in your discussion, it gains mileage and allows others to notice your Instagram business page. Chances are a client might see you this way, and you get an exciting project at hand. Hence, take all of your posts seriously and scan the content carefully that you want to share. After that, present it in a manner that it has a takeaway both for your followers and a potential client.

  1. Share a skill if you have

Professional posts will make people take you seriously. However, people and others also want to explore other creative aspects about you. If you are a good photographer, post a few images that you’ve clicked while traveling or during specific events. Most web designers are good at painting, photography, or any other creative skill. It helps your followers and clients to check out another aspect of you, which helps them judge you differently. Ultimately, Instagram initially got launched as a photo-sharing platform. Hence, when you share high-quality, aesthetic images, you might gain more followers and mileage.

  1. Make video posts every month

Usually, web designers are snowed in with work and often fail to maintain consistency in their video posts. Make sure you make a video post once a month. Try and publish the video close to the first date you shared the video, which helps maintain regularity. Video posts are a smart way to showcase and promote your skills. For instance, you can address the post to young and enthusiastic web designers and share the latest web design trends. It will increase the participation level. Make sure that you shoot an informative and short video, which will not drag on. That way, you can lose followers. You can create a video post on topics like:

  • Website design trends in a corona ruled the world
  • The latest and upcoming website design trends
  • The future of web designing as an industry and the place young designers can create for themselves
  • Website designing planning and tips
  • Balancing money and creativity in web designing

When you make video posts about such relevant topics, it will help you gain mileage and attract more followers and clients.

  1. Use Instagram Stories to share personal updates

Sometimes, it’s refreshing to see how a website designer is in his/her real life! But it’s essential to keep professional and personal matters separate. Hence, to cater to this requirement, you can make use of Instagram Stories and let people know about interesting facts about your personal life. You can share a project you’re working on now and how are you progressing without divulging many details. You can also use the Stories feature to let people know about your next live session and the types of work you are willing to take up from clients.

These steps mentioned above will help you to gain your Instagram mileage and also allow you to connect with social influencers. Each of the steps will take time to work, hence having patience through the process is essential.



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