Well unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last several years then there must be some time in your life you have heard of or come across the No.1 social networking juggernaut that is Facebook. Love it or hate it and with more than 800 million users (real and bogus!) on there and companies and brands favouring promoting their Facebook page over their own websites it is hard to avoid these days. I have to admit that I avoided the site like the plague and only joined this year in 2012. I now realise that this was a big mistake as I realise the potential of Web Design Mash having a Facebook page and also for keeping in touch with friends, family and old school friends (although some people’s updates do make me want to shout at the screen on regular occasions!) it’s still good to be on there.

With so many users and the user count due to hit 1 billion by August this year how do people stand out from the crowd? Well in late 2011 Facebook introduced Timeline which actually allowed users to become a bit more creative with their profiles. Although many users hated the new timeline feature and some still opting not to adopt the new look many people have embraced the cover photo area and come up with some very creative and original ideas. Here is a small sample of some ‘Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photos’.


Brian McDaniel


Ryan Riccitelli


Louise Lundberg


Kay Int Veen


Afdhal Ys


Guiseppe Draicchio


Danielle Cresswell


Ally Moffatt


Gabriel Masliah


Antonio Fadda


Graziano Vincini


Fabio Maravilla




Chris Pereira


Jessica Barnard


Rafa Ferro


Eyal Shahar


Jamie Cresswell

Well… this one is actually mine!

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