Welcome to Our Fave Web Designs of the Week No.33. A showcase of our favourite web designs we have spotted this week. Why not try out the innovative String DNA and have a play with Faces. Thanks to all the designers and sites featured in this weeks round-up for inspiring us this week.

Pointless Corp

We’re actually a collection of projects built by the team at Viget. We love building products for awesome clients most days, but sometimes we like building our own stuff, too. Gotta stay sharp, right?



The site of Design & Developer Shinsuke Matsuo.


Henry Brown

I’m Henry, a forward thinking, highly motivated designer & developer from Essex in the UK. I make my living designing for the web.


String DNA

String DNA is a data visualization project built by Corum + Guerrette that generates an image from a short string of text.


Contrast Rebellion

Let’s put an end to this low-contrast, light gray nonsense and use typography for its purpose: Making text readable



Pick out photos of your most serious friends and turn them their frowns upside down! There are hundreds of props in the prop box and literally millions of combinations to fit your sense of humor.


Bart Advertising Agency

We are a passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and relationship wizards, pushing the boundaries of marketing communication and advertising.


Forefathers Group

Witness this never before seen revelation of beauty and wonder! Enlivened by mirth, provoking surprise and marvelous feats, the Forefathers design group fashions the world’s most electrifying brands, websites and illustrations.


Reverend Danger

We create usable, responsive web design that is as nice to look at as it is to use.  Our reverent design department quietly considers your functional requirements, then marries them to the aesthetic elements that make your followers, your tribe, respond.


Think Quarterly

At Google, we aim to help people and organizations navigate a world gone digital. That’s why we created Think Quarterly. We don’t want to review what’s happened; we want to prepare you for what happens next. For each issue, we tap our homegrown visionaries, plus heads of industry, innovators and experts, to lend their insights and outlooks on the digital future. We hope it gives a view into what drives us as a company and inspires those of you who lead the way.

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