Welcome to No.29 in our Fave Web Designs of the Week series. We have some very interesting sites for you this week. From the awesome Noah iPad app site to the Rainforest Deforestation there is a varied collection here. Check out Moods of Norway,  the brilliant e-commerce site of Custom Bags HQ and good luck to Angela and Josh for your big day in July.

Cultural Solutions UK

Created by David Lambert in response to a demand by the region’s artistic and cultural sectors for bespoke advice and support, cultural solutions uk is becoming the consultancy of choice for agencies and organisations seeking an objective , bespoke service.


The True Illusion

We are a team of dedicated creative individuals expressing our passion for photography and trying to make our style unique.



Experience the story of Noah in a delightfully new way. Noah for the iPad encourages kids to explore and play throughout the app. Noah is just the beginning of our long list of Bible stories to bring to life.


Rainforest Deforestation

The Earth was covered by approximately 14.8 billion acres of forest 8,000 years ago. As a repercussion of human exploitation, only 8.6 billion acres now remain – the highest rates of deforestation occurred during the last 50 years. For example, between 1980-1990, Brazil lost 91.4 million acres of tropical forest, roughly the total area of North and South Dakota.



For now, it’s just me. Aleksandar Grkinic – Striving to become GREAT at his job! Wants bigger things in life. Loves when inner kid takes command. Finds passion in creating visual stuff. Psychology graduate who realized that psyche is his greatest enemy. Thinks he can expect an exciting future.



Our goal is to implement innovative ideas in the world of internet communication via websites, software, web and iPhone applications. The secret ingredient to the Justdot playlab is fun ideas and entrepreneurial thinking – but it’s secret so don’t tell anyone.


Idyllic Creative

Idyllic Creative is my little company. I’m a coder, designer, illustrator and tea lover.


Freckles & Handsome

Angela Wilson & Josh Riggs are getting hitched! Then, they’re having a big after-party on July 9th, 2011, at the Farmer’s Market in Winter Park, Florida for you, their friends loved ones. Come celebrate their recipe for love, life & marriage.


Moods of Norway

Moods of Norway has been doing the hibbedy-dibbedy on the international fashion dance floor for 6 years now, the philosophy is still the same even though the Norwegian oil price is as flexible as an Bulgarian gymnast after 14 tequila shots. Our main goal, besides making our grandmas happy, is to make happy clothes for happy people around the world.


Custom Bags HQ

Our custom plastic bags feature gorgeous full color printing. Only Custom Bags HQ let’s you print without limitations.

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