Instantly create and share a “wallpaper for the Internet” that is part Persona, part toolbar and all engagement for small and medium businesses (SMB), associations, communities, clubs, families and friends.



Brand Thunder LLC (, Brand Thunder, the world leaders in browser themes and custom interactive browser themes for Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer, announced the launch of the first do-it-yourself browser theme creator that allows anyone to easily design, build and share interactive browser themes for the leading Internet browsers. In less than three minutes, a browser theme that includes a logo, multiple background images, toolbar buttons and news feeds can be shared via an automatically created download page.

Bloggers, sports teams, musicians and fan sites are already using the product to reach their online audiences. Designed as a community tool for online publishers, it’s so easy to use and simple to update the images and buttons used in the browser theme, Brand Thunder expects individuals will also use BT:Engage to create their own themes that can be shared with families and friends.

Selecting images from the library of graphics offered by Brand Thunder, or uploading your own pictures and graphics creates the theme imagery. Adding buttons is as simple as typing a title and a URL. News feeds are added by copying a URL for an existing RSS feed, or using the included RSS feed generator. The combination of visual and interactive components lends itself to increased brand awareness and engagement between publisher and fan base.



“We consistently see our themes drive 8 to 12 times more visits than a normal visitor to our client web sites,” said Patrick Murphy, CEO and Founder of Brand Thunder. “It’s a free tool, with huge engagement potential, benefitting businesses and web sites of all sizes – perfect for the current economic environment.”

The BT:Engage platform is a showcase of JavaScript and HTML5 requiring one of the latest browsers, Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome, or IE9. The browser themes created, however, are for use on Firefox 3.6+ and IE7+. Behind the user experience are the Lithium PHP framework and MongoDB to allow flexibility and scalability needed for a product of this type. In its current state, BT:Engage is an end-to-end solution with a basic feature set. Following the agile software development method, new features and improvements will roll out continuously.



Here’s an example of one we created for Vandelay Design

The browser theme for Vandelay Premier members and customers


Here’s another example of one that was created for Pepsi


Brand Thunder is the world leader in browser theme and custom interactive browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Brand Thunder formed in April 2007 to leverage the power of customization within the web browser and offer companies a compelling, patent-pending solution for creating a more persistent presence with their Internet consumer. Brand Thunder has branded the browser and extended its functionality for some of the most recognizable brands in sports, music and the Internet including: Bob Marley, College Network, CollegeHumor, The Huffington Post, IGN, Mercedes, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, Universal Music, WeatherBug and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Try BT:Engage today…


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Brand Thunder - The world leader in browser themes for Mozilla Firefox, IE (Windows) and Chrome. Browser themes are “skins” that let you change the look and feel of your browser to give it more excitement & functionality.

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    BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator (WebDesignMash)

  2. BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator

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    From @WebDesignMash BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator –

  4. Kevin Dwinnell (@kdwinnell)
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    From @WebDesignMash BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator –

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    BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator

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    Great post by @webdesignmash about creating your own browser theme:

  7. Gabriella Sky™
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    BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator

  8. Gabriella Sky™
    Jul 31, 2011 - 04:20 PM

    BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator

  9. Roay
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    Great might give it a try

  10. Brand Thunder
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    BT:Engage – The Do-It-Yourself Browser Theme Creator via @webdesignmash


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