The (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4.0 — Amazing performance, no compromise. In the second post of a series by photographer JP Darby of Toronto, Canada, we experience the ghost town of Cedar Mains. Approximately 5 kilometers north of Bolton, Ontario, rests the beautiful remains of a farming complex in the small town of Cedar Mills. JP Darby [...]

A couple of years ago WDM did a feature of 25 Horror & Macabre Photography  and beings that Halloween is just around the corner I thought I’d follow-up on that post with 25 more creepy and shocking horror photos. Please be aware that these images are not for the squeamish and caution is advised.

In this collection of great photography we look at the style of emotive portrait which captures emotion not only from the subject’s mood, body language and appearance but which can also be represented with the right lighting and other camera techniques.