Stanley Lau, a.k.a. ‘Artgerm’  is one of the most talented artists around and when I first saw his work it totally blew my mind. We’ve featured some of Stanley’s amazing artwork in previous posts here on WDM so it’s about time we dedicated a whole post and showcased some of the amazing examples from Stanley’s [...]

Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks and retweets they received.

When I was younger I was fascinated by robots and robotics and believed that when I grew up into adulthood that maybe robots would be part of my life. I was only 5 at the time and was probably being over optimistic on this because they still aren’t really here, even though visionaries like Leonardo [...]

Having grown up in the 80′s I have an affinity for all things from that great decade. As a kid , one of the best things I can remember about the 80′s is the great selection of Saturday morning cartoons that was on television. Classics such as Transformers, He-Man and the Thundercats and they often [...]

Carrying on from 40 Beautiful Anime Illustrations Part 1 this final selection in Part 2 of beautiful anime illustations features great art from some of the big anime movies, series and video games out there  and if you like anime then you might recognise some of the characters and designs including such as Akira, Bleach, [...]