If you are a designer and active on the web then you will know that there are thousands of design blogs out there on the big wide interweb and so many of these sites allow you to submit your own design links direct to them. In this list I only wanted to showcase the sites […]

8th February 2010 – Some days when I am having a bad day or dealing with a ‘client from hell’ which can really stress me out I browse some of the quotes submitted at Clients from Hell and it makes me think that maybe it’s not so bad. After all they do pay the bills […]

1st February 2010 – Recently I have been feeling the strain. Eye ache, neck tension (of which I have started calling ‘laptop neck‘ ) and zombie-like tiredness.  Working as a designer you can probably relate to this by working long days and excessive hours per week.  Overworking yourself can seriously affect a designers creative flow, […]