23rd November 2010 – I’m quite fortunate that I live in a country that has changing weather seasons and with Autumn coming to an end and Winter drawing in on the long run up to Christmas, then snow seems inevitable. I have to admit that I love snow and feel like quite a kid when it falls. I love watching it from the window and everything seems to just go quiet and I love the way it crunches under my shoes. So get yourself comfy next to the old log fire and grab a nice warm cup of cocoa and feast your eyes on some wonderful winter photography. Thanks to the truly exceptional photographers featured and click on each photo for the original source.

Thank you to all the awesome Photographers featured in this post. All photos are copyright of their respective photographers.

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Ben Declan - A tutor of photography, web and design in Birmingham, England.

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  2. i love the pictures you have posted here……..a perfect kind of photography ….the way you have taken a pictures is great it shows the beauty of nature

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