In today’s round up post (full of freebie goodness) we have a selection of 20 new and seriously awesome nightclub flyer templates by the one and only

Not only are each of these free nightclub flyer templates free to begin with, but they’re also fully editable Photoshop PSDs with well organised layers that are designed 300dpi CMYK print ready – all you need to do is edit your chosen flyer, save and print!

Even more so than that, every single file listed is released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license – so you can use them in your personal AND commercial projects – how cool is that!?

Enjoy the round up folks!!

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Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

- Well, my name is Kevin Philippe aka ixnivek (Kevin XI = ‘kevin eleven’ backwords), I am an Art student attending Texas A&M International University. I’m constantly changing locations between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, so I try to enjoy the best of both countries. I enjoy football (soccer), reading, drawing, traveling, surfing the web, and playing videogames.

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jun21c Why agile methodology for web development seems to be a preferred choice for many?

The (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4.0 — Amazing performance, no compromise.
 Why agile methodology for web development seems to be a preferred choice for many?

When compared to the traditional way of web development, agile development seems to be a preferred choice for the masses. This is because of the simple reason that this methodology is not only easy to understand and implement but also produces quick results. As a consequence, the website that is under construction tends to transform rapidly as per the feedback shared by the client and the entire process helps produce a satisfying job.

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The (gs) Grid-Service: Hundreds of servers for the price of one.
 30 Examples of Creative Nail Art

There’s so much more to nail varnish than the simple French manicure nowadays. Nail art is big news, with celebrities like Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry all prominent trend setters. Whether you’re a fan of the embellished, animal print or character-inspired style we hope you find something you’ll like in our round up of recent nail design ideas.

30 30 Examples of Creative Nail Art

And in one word, delicious.

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Social Networking has transformed into a hot spot in the modern times. The trend of social networking picked up in the late twentieth century and in the last decade, it has become one of the largest success stories that humankind has ever witnessed. So, what makes social networking so popular? Is it the fact that you can meet old friends or is it about always being in touch with your friends, family and acquaintances? Unfortunately, none of these is the real answer. Social Networking fulfills an individual’s innate desire of being heard. When people see your pictures or comments, like them or share them; you suddenly feel a sense of pride, something you did not feel before. Hence, social networking is a medium of being heard, and returning the favour.

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Modern day websites are all about usability; user experience (UX) is everything in website design these days. All designers want to take the design process to the next level. One of the pre-requisites to achieve the next level in website designing is zeroing in on a fantastic workflow, which allows you to quickly iterate your designs and also test your concepts. This is where website prototyping comes into the picture. There are plenty of available tools that you can choose from that will help you and your clients get an idea of how a website will look like, before you take it through the actual design process.

The problem here is one of plenty. There are so many website prototyping tools available out there, that you will be hard-pressed to make the right choice. You might end up with a tool that is really quite good, but difficult to use, if you aren’t careful about what you are choosing. In this article, I have listed down 15 website prototyping tools that I believe are very user friendly. You can literally hit the ground running with them.

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