One thing that a web or print designer can never have enough of is fonts. That’s why I put this list together of 50 of the top free grunge fonts from around the web. These are great for musician websites or something with a haunted theme. Some have a dirtier feel to them which are restrictive in their use but others are clean cut and can still be put to good use in a clean and professional website, like Matt Brett does.

And contrary to the clean and minimalist responsive web design styles that are flooding the web right now, grunge will never get old, so download these and make something creatively messy!

Hand Printing Press Meshed
Top free grunge fonts

Raleigh Rock
Top free grunge fonts


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Today we’re going to get all up in your face (pardon the pun) with todays update. The full size photo utilized in a website design has generally been reserved for celebrities or photography websites, but these freelancers have broken the mold and put themselves front and center.

Some of the sites below only show the freelancers face while others are full length photos added to the site in creative ways. They always talk about designers being rockstars, so maybe adding your face to your site like a celebrity is the right move? ha

Either way, these portfolio designs are all great and integrate their portraits perfectly in each example below.


Coffee Website Design

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There are many factors that affect website conversions; some are more abstract than others. The colors that you use in your website design actually do have an effect on the actions that your visitors take and can make the difference between a sale and a visitor leaving the site since colors affect shoppers in a subliminal way. What works for the shoppers at one website may not apply to other websites, so surveying your individual customers is very important. Here are four ways to evaluate how the color schemes on your website could be affecting your sales:

1. A/B Testing or Variant Testing

Testing different designs for different visitors to see which design and color scheme work best is an excellent way to figure out which color scheme and design set up converts best. Some things to vary in your testing situations in addition to the overall color scheme are: the placement and color of the action buttons, different calls to action that are written on the buttons. Once you have one best scenario, continue testing to achieve better and better converting designs and colors schemes. Another factor to consider when testing, depending on your product and your brand is the season. Consider using different colors in different seasons if it applies to your business.

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It’s no secret that most freelancers love caffeine and the majority of those who love caffeiene love to drink it in coffee form. So today we’re going to showcase 30 delicious coffee websites.

We’ve left a time where big and flashy websites were popular and now we’re entering a time when responsive web design is becoming the new standard that websites are built on. If one industry could take note of this and build their sites to work great on mobile, they’re aligning themselves right in peoples pockets when they’re at the grocery store and need to look you up.

By the end of this list, if you’re not feeling a psychological burst of energy from the caffeine, let me know ha

Insomnia Coffe Co.

Coffee Website Design

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With responsive web design becoming the standard that sites are being built on, it’s only right that freelancers are leading the way and redesigning their portfolios to be responsive. Mobile and tablet web viewing is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping, so if you’re going to keep up with the industry, you should really put the time into learning more about responsive web design and getting your portfolio updated.

For some inspiration, take a look at these 30 freelance portfolio web designs that are responsive.

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Today we’re going to explore a web trend that’s been around for the past few years, but has recently been making it’s comeback with recently and as popular as ever in business website designs – huge typography.

You’ll see some sites go all out and have their entire site consumed with typogragphy while others tend to stick with the giant typography in the main page of their site as part of a quick introduction. So below we’ve compiled a list of 50 websites utilizing gigantic typography in the website designs for your inspiration.

Make Photoshop Faster

Huge typography in web designs

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When you’re looking for logo design inspiration, I bet the first place you run to is a website like Logo Pond or Logo Design Love. They are great sites to draw inspiration from for your logo designs, but you should always take in your inspiration from a variety of sources, which is why today we’re showcasing 50 awesome logo designs & logo marks found on Dribbble.

By now I am assuming that every designer has heard of Dribbble, the place for designers to put up shots & rebounds of work to share within the design community but for those who haven’t seen Dribbble yet, this post will be a good example of why you should sign up to be a part of the community.

The logos below are from a variety of talented logo designers and are definitely worth checking out. I hope that these logo designs inspire you and your next logo design is better than any other you’ve previously created.

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PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

Tired of Time Spent Creating Buttons, Sliders, Icons, etc.? Try PixelKit!

If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your design work, your clients probably love you. But it takes a lot more time than it needs to. Anything that can make your work easier would be a profitable idea, since it would free you up to take on more projects.

Think about the time you spend on creating or having someone else create all the UI kits that are needed on your projects. This includes visual controls, sliders, icons, buttons and other elements of design. If you want them to look just right, I’m betting you spend a lot of time on them. Time is money.

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The word ‘anime’ has acquired a unique and special meaning for its fans all across the globe. While the general viewers consider anime to be animation that is created in Japan, Japanese audience uses ‘anime’ as a broad term to refer to all animation, be it Japanese or foreign. Irrespective of usage, nowadays, anime denotes a specific and special genre of animation and cartoons which have acquired a cult following and a loyal fan base over the course of few years.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at some of the salient features of anime as well as check out some inspirational and creative anime artwork.

Anime: What Makes it So Special?

One of the major factors behind the popularity of Japanese anime is the versatile usage of artwork. Anime art can range from outright overdone and flamboyant to simplistic and extremely minimal. In either case, anime generally carries a visual appeal that distinguishes it from mainstream cartoon characters such as Spiderman or Batman.

Beyond that, anime episodes generally excel in the art of story telling. By story telling, I mean the episodic and chronological development of plot, like it happens in novels and fiction stories. In general, anime may or may not have a good guy or bad guy, but a complex mesh of characters, which further adds to its variety and charisma that appeals to various age groups all around the world.

It is on account of such reasons that anime has today evolved into an industry of its own. Furthermore, anime often has its own share of genres: ranging from thrillers to horror and from action to comedy. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, anime surely has something for you!

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