creative food advertising Creative Food Advertising (Reboot)

I’m always on the lookout for great advertisements and the one that gets me salivating the most is the delicious category of food.

The food industry is a competitive world and the food companies along with advertising agencies are always having to think of new, clever and creative ways to get you to buy their products. So why not take a break and take a look and get some food for thought. Go on tuck in!


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fantastic photos of trees1 35 Fantastic Photos of Trees

You may think that trees are not the most interesting of subjects to do a photography feature on but I definitely think they are. Trees have always been a cultural symbol and are very important to our planet. They play an important role in producing the oxygen we breathe and reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere not to mention the lovely fruit and nuts they grow and the wood they provide us with. Read More

free valentines photoshop brushes Free Valentines Day Inspired Photoshop Brushes

It will soon be Valentine’s Day and what better way to show someone how much you loved them than with some home-made designs using one of these heart-shaped Photoshop brushes. All are free to use so why not get downloading and making that special someone something nice or try on some new projects. Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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