The heart shape is one of the most recognisable symbols in the world even though it’s not a true interpretation of how a real heart looks in reality. Obviously it’s an international symbol of love and affection and can be used in a number of clever ways in advertising and branding. Here is a neat collection of heart-shaped logos for inspiration. Read More

Thunder, thunder, thunder… ThunderCats hooooooooooooo!!!! ThunderCats was one of my all time favourite cartoon shows when I was growing up and with the recent re-imagining of the Thundercats franchise recently hitting our TV screens, it gets me feeling all nostalgic for the original series. Read More

Welcome to our Fave Web Designs of the Week No.35.  A collection of brilliant sites that we have discovered this week. From t-shirt companies to bar & grill restaurants there is a wide variety of truly inspired sites out there. Hope you enjoy and thanks to all the designers, companies and individuals and their sites that have inspired this weeks collection. Read More

I’ve grown up with video games all my life and I’m still excited about them now as I was when I was very young. From the Sinclair Spectrum to Sony PS3 I’ve played them all. Games are getting better all the time but also the artwork and design that goes into those cases is also getting better too. Read More

Capturing star trails can be a lengthy process but the end result is definitely worth it. How is it done? Well, it’s done when the line of light which is recorded on a photographic medium and a time exposure is made of a star in the night time sky and using a camera on a fixed mount, and the trails are caused by the rotation of the earth during the period of time when the camera’s shutter is held open. Read More

It’s time again for our weekly round up of our fave web designs we have spotted on the net this week.  Check out the amazing illustrations of Francesca Nini and the mindbending visuals of SPDO. Go check them out. Thanks to all the great websites and designers behind the great selection this week. Read More