Responsive Web Design (RWD) is clearly the talk of the internet right now and be it developers or clients or users, everyone is looking forward to its implementation so that the user experience is improved. Because of this flurry, there has been a new development now and this angle hasn’t been explored much. This side of RWD is RWA or Responsive Web Apps. Responsive Web Apps clearly have a huge future in the internet industry and because they are being taken as a challenge, not many people discuss the required concepts which you need to build these apps. Actually building the apps come later as first we need to be clear about these concepts in our minds and then go forward with the tutorials available for RWAs. This article will talk about the pre-requisites of developing Responsive Web Design Apps and the challenges and ideas which everyone needs to know before they begin the development process.

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There is a reason that the saying “you can’t please all the people all the time” is a popular one. It is especially true for online stores. The environment today with social media and review sites make it very easy for people to publicly complain about your company. In some ways it keeps companies in line and accountable for their customer service practices, and in other ways it just makes it easier for customers to complain about their experiences which may not be valid. The purpose of our article today is to cover the best ways for businesses to respond to online complaints and re-engage disgruntled customers to make them happy repeat customers.

Take Emotion Our of Your Response

The first and most important thing to do is to not get angry or defensive. Try to be as objective as possible with your response. This is actually the most difficult part of the whole response process because it is easy to feel like the complaint is a personal attack. If necessary, get a neutral party to help you formulate your response. When you are responding to a public complaint or review, it is important to keep in mind that you are not just responding to the customer; you are also responding to anyone else reading who is wondering what the outcome was and how you solved the problem. Therefore, even if you have resolved the issue with the customer, you must still take the time to respond to the public review or complaint.

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In a continuation of the Web Design Mash inspiration week and yesterdays post “Beautiful Responsive Web Design Inspiration Roundup“, enjoy a round up of awesome websites featuring the powerful and bold color red.

Follow up with some other awesome posts from Web Design Mash inspiration week “Colorful Websites for your Inspiration” and “Website design inspiration featuring the color Yellow“.




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The importance of responsive website design in today’s marketplace is more important than the actual design. With more and more internet users turning away from traditional computers and browsing the internet through mobile devices and tablets, every business needs to consider a responsive design.

What is responsive website design (RWD)? It is the creation of websites which provide an optimal viewing experience including easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing for users on desktop, tablets or mobiles.

In a continuation of the Web Design Mash inspiration week, we have compiled a series of awesome responsive website designs.

Follow up with some other amazing round up inspiration posts from Web Design Mash “50 Single page web designs worth looking at” and 45 Freelancer Designers who use Giant Photos in their portfolio design.




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In a continuation of the Web Design Mash inspiration week and yesterdays post “Colorful Websites for your Inspiration“, we have compiled a series of awesome websites which use the color Yellow in various forms.

Follow up with some other awesome round up inspiration posts from Web Design Mash “50 Single page web designs worth looking at” and 45 Freelancer Designers who use Giant Photos in their portfolio design.


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Starting off the Web Design Mash inspiration week, enjoy the first post of our compilation.

We recently published “50 Single page web designs worth looking at” and 45 Freelancer Designers who use Giant Photos in their portfolio design, which provided some great inspiration. In this collection of colorful websites, we focused our attention on color, layout and attention grabs.

Colorful Websites For Your Inspiration

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Ultimately the aim of any website is to be a space that users come back to time and time again and recommend to others. In order to create this dream scenario, a website needs to fulfil the goals and needs of the user. The foremost need of the user is to be able to access and easily use the website in order to get what they need from it quickly and efficiently. The usability of a website is an integral part of its success.

To ensure that your web design is as usable as possible, it’s important to test the website regularly through its creation. Such testing is often overlooked by many designers, developers and businesses, who will instead rely on their own intuition in working out whether their site has high usability. However, the success of your site is crucially based on what your actual users think and feel. Their feedback will help to reveal any potential issues with your design as well as offer you insightful and valuable information on how they are interacting with your site so you can tweak your designs for higher usability.

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One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce small business owners is keeping up with technology. A big part of that challenge includes finding a website platform and design that will work to suit their needs. Unfortunately it is common for a re-design not to go well and too many online businesses have been jeopardized. Sites can lose their search engine rankings, visitors, usability, and ultimately the whole business. Entrepreneurs are resilient and some quick thinking can help you recover from a problematic website redesign.
Our focus today is to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place. The main way to avoid a redesign disaster from happening is through careful planning and not implementing the new design prematurely. In fact, when scheduling your re-design process, be prepared not to switch to the new site until it is completely finished and optimized. Follow these tips to help you resolve your redesign disaster and save the website business.

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