Listed by one tech writer as the one plugin for web designers to have if marooned on a deserted island, you’d have to have been stranded on such an island not to know about Firebug, the remarkable open source add-on for Firefox that lets designers examine, debug, and even edit the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of any web page. Read More

My latest iPhone app addiction at the moment is the social drawing game Draw Something. When I have a spare 5 mins I have a quick blast against numerous friends and family no matter where they are in the world. If you’ve never played Draw Something then it’s like having a mini game of Pictionary where you can draw on your mobile touchscreen devices and the other person has to guess the word from your drawings. It’s seriously addictive. Read More

Even the most expert and seasoned website designers and developers need to be in a continuous process of learning. In the present day, a lot of emphasis has been gone in the field of web services. There is a consistent need to grow and develop with time and provide fully functional and unmatched services to the users, that too in no time. Read More

Logos play a very important part of your branding and getting the right logo design for your company isn’t always easy. A pet company I recently worked for took months to decide on the right logo for their business and in the end they decided to go with a logo which was inspired by animals (obvious choice!) which motivated me to do this little post. Read More