Art is all around us wherever we look and even in your local coffee shop, but I’m not talking about the paintings they may have on the wall, I am referring to Latte Art. Latte art if you haven’t seen it before is a method of preparing coffee which is created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the resulting latte. Read More

If you are like me then you love your gadgets. I go crazy for the latest piece of tech whether it be a new iPhone or 3D TV I love it.  I really enjoy seeing how manufacturers try to capture our imagination with their creative adverts, and to show you exactly what I mean, here you will find a pretty big selection of inspiring tech and electronics ads from around the world that I think you will enjoy. Read More

Content is the ‘king’ in your website. This is obvious from the fact that the main aim of all the websites is to provide information to the visitors. When the visitors cannot get the information clearly, (which can be attributed to a lot of factors psychological and otherwise) they are likely to leave your site and look for other sites that can provide them the information they are looking for. Read More

Clients often ask for logos to be memorable, remarkable and to stand out. At first, that makes it sound a bit like they’re asking for something flashy and in your face – but the use of minimalism can be a great way of making a memorable, remarkable logo that’s both elegant and understated. Read More