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25 FREE Abstract Wallpaper Packs for Desktops, iPads & iPhones – Web Design Mash

It’s been a while since we posted a collection of wallpapers and I think that this collection of brand spanking new wallpapers looks pretty good. There are 25 packs of abstract packs and they come in a variety of sizes for your desktops, iPads, iPhone and cell phones.

The Undesign – Drawar

Even when we don’t design we design. That’s the thinking that goes on when we look at a website with a crappy design. You can’t say that “someone needs to design this site” because someone did design it.

30 Free Adobe Photoshop Retro Style Brush Sets – Blue Bots

In this fast pacing world, everything passes us by so quickly. May it be technology, or even the latest trends in fashion and design. Well, some things may be outdated already and as what we refer to them as “retro” but, actually retro is still utilized by a wide variety of people, especially designers of every kind due to its distinctiveness.

Create Beautiful Abstract Female Art – Best Photoshop Tutorials

Sometimes, all it takes to create a stunning piece of art is a stock photo, a bit of creativity, a great idea, and some time. Today, Mart will demonstrate how to create a piece of art that he created titled “Beauty of Gold.” Let’s get started!

A 6-Step General Process for Producing a Website – Six Revisions

When it comes to building a website, it helps to have a process to follow, especially if you are just getting started as a web designer. Good guidelines can help you work better by keeping forgetfulness to a minimum.

Your New WordPress Website Step By Step. Beginner’s Guide – 1st Web Designer

Just a few years ago only the most advanced Internet users knew what actually a blog is. Nowadays every kid hanging around seems to have a page on livejournal and you meet hundreds of websites hosted on Blogspot or say WordPress every other day in the search engine results or in the spam emails in your inbox.

40 Amazing Web Apps for Freelancers – Pro Blog Design

Web apps are great because you can access them from anywhere, they keep all of your data safe, and for the most part, they’re straightforward to get up and running with (No installations or configuring needed!)

40 Creative & Brilliant Illustrations for Inspiration – Design

When viewing other artist illustrations, it gives me a charge to improve my own work.  Creating an illustration can be a hard task since it rely s widely imagination and not so much on standards, so looking at others can help set a foundation for your own pieces.

60 Useful PSD Templates for Graphical Designers – Tripwire Magazine

Starting a work from a scratch may be difficult and time consuming. Many professional web developers prefer to use templates as a foundation for their designs. PSD templates contain only graphic design sources which are actually raw materials that you still need to change.

30 Attractive Designs of Brochures – Modny 73

One of the best tools of advertising your corporate identity is corporate brochure. Brochure design is a key component to the marketing  of many businesses large and small.

40 Awesome Free Fonts for Big Headlines – 1stwebdesigner

When you are designing a website, brochure or even an advertisement it is very hard to find a big, clear, beautiful and effective fonts to use in your headlines.

How to Really Use Twitter to Find More Freelance Work – Freelance Folder

If you’ve been around the freelancing community very long, you’ve probably heard both comments. But, which is it? Is Twitter an important way to find way for freelancers to find work, or is it a waste of a freelancer’s time?

10 Typefaces from the ’80s – Creative Pro

Typefaces go in and out of style, and except for a handful of perennial favorites, most are destined to fade into the shadows after their day in the sun. It’s not that no one uses them anymore, but they cease to be household faces, so to speak. I’d like to nominate some of those faces relegated to the wings for a reprise on center stage.

Cool Vintage Ads of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – Dailybloggr

Found this on the interwebs today and this was too cool that I couldn’t stop sharing.
Moma Propaganda, a Brazilian Ad agency has come out with a campaign supporting Maxi Midia with a tag line – “Everything ages fast”.

45 Useful Signature and Handwriting Fonts – Graphic Mania

Despite of the computer ability to create enormous number of fonts. Many designers are looking for the style of handwriting fonts and the random letter arrangement. Handwriting fonts let you use the computer to create handwriting style fonts that you can use in your designs, writing and signature.

35 Purple Web Designs to Inspire You – Web Design Ledger

Today we will show you some nice examples of purple websites! Purple is for sure a very vibrant and strong color that used in the correct amount can give a nice touch to your website.

60 Super Realistic CG Portraits – Designrfix

They have done it once again! You might be asking yourself, “who has done it once again?” The talented CG artists that create these amazing CG Portraits.

Mouth-Watering Designer Bundle. Oh My – Design

Bundle Hunt announced a treasure that is sure to get any designers mouth salivating.  For those who don’t know, Bundle Hunt is a premium resource pack aimed at empowering the creative community, offering more than $1,400 worth of apps, templates, icons, eBooks, hosting plans and premium memberships all for less than $50!

14 Stylish and Unique Sofas – Toxel

Collection of unusual sofas and the most creative sofa designs that will make a great addition to any modern living room.

An Ideal Business Card and All About It – Smashing Buzz

A business card is the just the thing to begin marketing your business. However, the outlook of your business card describes the level of professionalism and your commitment towards your business. Your business card plays a vital role in establishing business contacts.

35 Fresh and Wanted Photoshop Tutorials – Noupe

Photoshop needs no introduction; everyone knows it — even those who do not have any design background. Knowing your tools inside out really counts.

20 Stunning Sports Poster Designs – Best Design Options

For graphic designers, designing sports posters allow them to express their creativity in a very unique way. Just look at the stunning pieces of digital artwork that we compiled together in this post.

Icon Design: 75 Mouthwatering Mac Icons – Freelance Review

In the world of vector design, icon designers really stand apart. They have to. High profile clients from software makers to shoe companies hire them to accurately and faithfully represent them in icon format.

41 Stunning Landscape Photography – PS Deluxe

Landscape photography is a complex and popular type of photography, when are captured unusually beautiful landscapes such as waterfalls, sunsets or ocean waves. Landscape photography can be anything: starting from your country field photo till scenes from exotic lands.

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Assorted Texture Set – Bittbox

I have some very Hi-Res freebies for you today. This is a set of Photoshop brushes meant for making it easy to add texture to your artwork.

10 Tools That Make Freelancing Easier – Re-encoded

The freedom of working from home is what is expanding the freelancing industry to what it is today. As experienced freelancers, we all know one time or another, we will be under stress spending nights and weekends trying to complete a project for a client.

Free Brushes – 15 High-Res Dirty Grid Photoshop Brushes – Think Design Blog

Today I’ve got some really cool brushes for y’all. I’m calling these Dirty Grid Brushes, for obvious reasons. It’s a set of 15 Dirtied Grid Texture High-Res (2500px) Photoshop brushes, made from scanned, crumpled, and grungified graph paper.

5 Effective & Creative Ways tp Prevent Spam – Spyre Studios

Spam is a widespread issue with many and all websites that accept user input. Whether be it a contact form, a comment system, a forum, or any other type of service, you are subject to spam.

50 Tremendous Grunge Wallpapers For You – Noupe

Although grunge is associated with something unclean, dirty or tainted, it also stands for a special theme which mostly focuses on making crooked, asymmetrical, irregular, uneven or worn-and-torn visual elements which are stilll beautiful and pleasant to see.

Inspiration: 26 Beautiful Photo Manipulations of Women – PSD Tuts

Throughout history the female figure has appeared prominently in art and design. Tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator have given artists the ability to create female-based renderings in new and creative ways. Today, we have 25 beautiful photo manipulations of women to show you.

30 Creative and Inspiring Poster Designs – Specky Boy

Poster design gives a fantastic canvas for creativity. Like web designs, posters offer great scope for creativity and innovative graphic design. Posters are often created for DJs, events, nightclubs and other interesting subjects that lend themselves well to creative design work.

30 Various Green Lantern Artworks for Inspiration – You the Designer

Their power rings are some of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Their predominantly green costumes and trademark symbol have been hits with several generations, and the series has received many awards through the years.

The Beauty Of Typography – 25 Beautiful Examples – Creative Design Magazine

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs.Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques.

25 Beautiful Interior Designs For Your New House – Bloggs74

Here you can found interior examples for your houses these stunning designed is already created and pasted to below houses the purpose of this post to spread awareness to those who’s structuring there news houses and worried for the interior of new houses these pics will help them.

Abandoned Houses in the Desert – Toxel

Breathtaking series of photos by Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes features sand covered interiors of the abandoned houses in the Namib desert

Beautiful Minimalist Desktop Wallpapers – Hongkiat

Minimal art is known for its simplicity in both form and content, where individual expression is isolated in order to achieve effective minimal art.

Toss Your Camera (Photography) – Noupe

Camera toss photography is a relatively unknown technique, but its title alone is a good explanation of the photography technique. Yes, photographers literally throw their camera in the air after doing necessary shutter adjustments to achieve beautiful and original images.

Getting Inspired by 35 Eyecatching Illustrated Websites – Re-encoded

Web Design is a true form of art and it’s been great to see the evolution of web designs through the last decade. From every website being built up in more or less the same way some years back, we can today see a lot of inspiring creative talent out there.

Beautiful and Dirty Grunge Posters Collection: 35 Examples – Online Poster Printing

Rips, decay, stains, and scratches are just some of the words that characterize grunge design. Although grunge is often referred to as dirty, dark, and tough, some designers translate this design philosophy into clean, sweet, and simple pieces of art.

How to Create a Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie In Illustrator – Creative Nerds

Cookies, also known as biscuits, are probably the most popular bakery product around the world, and due to the variety of their flavours and aromas, it is extremely hard to resist the temptation of trying them. In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to create a super detailed cookie illustration inside Adobe Illustrator.

A Collection of Leaf Textures for your Next Design – Blue Bots

Designers often love to use leafy graphics for creating unique and attractive backgrounds due to its soothing effect and natural feel.

Ice Cream Posters: Sweet and Saucy Examples – Online Poster Printing

Ice cream is one of the most delicious desserts ever invented. It’s perfect to keep you feeling refreshed during a hot weather or in the middle of the night when hunger kicks in. My love for this delectable dessert has inspired me to put together a collection of ice cream poster designs that look good enough to eat.

Sol Searching – 44 Logos Inspired by the Sun – Web Design Mash

Certainly my inspiration for this post was just by taking a look upwards to the sky while nearly being blinded, but hey, I would much rather see the sun in all its glory, shining down on me than getting soaked with rain.

90 Brilliant Fresh WordPress Site Designs for Design Inspiration – Instant Shift

If you are in search of good CMS or a new web tool for your projects, we strongly recommend WordPress to you. WordPress is a great tool, and best thing is free!

50 Totally Awesome Computer Game Wallpapers – Presidia Creative

Computer games and videogames are one of the fastest growing digital mediums for computer graphics, and the artworks created to help promote videogames can be incredibly stunning.

10 Freelancer Mistakes that Damage Your Success – Men with Pens

Freelancers make all sorts of mistakes just to achieve success. Most of the time, these mistakes create lots of problems: financial, health, reputation, and more.

30 Best WordPress E-Commerce Themes and Plugins – Re-encoded

The Store template is a great e-commerce WordPress theme, with a really good-looking and functional interface; it’s easy-to install and maintain with accessible backend administration. The theme’s creators are available for pre-sales questions and customer support.

A Moment in Time – Still Life Photography – Web Design Mash

Still life is a work of art which depicts mostly inanimate subject matter and I think this great range of snaps from fruit to furniture really captures that.

30 Mind Blowing Music Website Designs – Dzineblog

In this post I would like to show you some cool mind blowing website designs. You can see web designers use maximum creativity in terms of graphics and concept.

32 Spectacular Examples Of Reflection Photography – Stylish Web Designer

Reflection photography always looks really cool. There are so many ways of capturing a reflection. You can capture a person with their reflection or you can only capture a reflection.

30 Splendid Examples of Motion Blur Photography – Modny 73

We normally focus all our attention on getting sharp photos that we miss out on realizing how great motion blur photography can be.

10 New High-Quality Free Fonts for Your Designs – Web Design Ledger

We’re always on the look out for high-quality freebies for our readers. Whether it’s Photoshop brushes or icons, we love finding top notch free files and sharing them with you.

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