In today’s round up post (full of freebie goodness) we have a selection of 20 new and seriously awesome nightclub flyer templates by the one and only

Not only are each of these free nightclub flyer templates free to begin with, but they’re also fully editable Photoshop PSDs with well organised layers that are designed 300dpi CMYK print ready – all you need to do is edit your chosen flyer, save and print!

Even more so than that, every single file listed is released under the Creative Commons 3.0 license – so you can use them in your personal AND commercial projects – how cool is that!?

Enjoy the round up folks!!

1. Systemic Free Dubstep Flyer Template


Systemic flyer is a free Photoshop psd Dubstep flyer template perfect for dubstep, drum and bass or general DJ events. Systemic is an easy to edit Photoshop PSD with a simple to use layout making it very easy to customise to match your event.

2. Free Comedy Night Flyer Template


This free comedy night flyer template is absolutely brilliant if you’re looking for a free flyer or poster design to promote your comedy night or yourself as a stand up comic. It also (rather generously) comes with a free variation as an example of how it can be customised!

3. Stiletto Free Singer Flyer Template


With deep reds and falling red rose petals, Stiletto simply oozes with a delicious and deluxe design style. Stiletto Free Restaurant Singer Flyer Template has an elegant and classy design that fits fantastically with upper class and ‘classy’ establishments.

4. Gryd Free DJ Flyer Template


Gryd is a ‘straight-to-the-point’ and no-nonsense DJ Flyer template that does what it says on the tin. With a large portion of the flyer taken up by the 4 letter title text, this design is perfect for featuring the name of one DJ or performer – however, it can still easily be customised to match many other sorts of events or performer names that you may want to use it for.

5. Swag Honey Saturdays Flyer Template


Swag Honey Saturdays is a high class, sexy and eye catching club flyer template for nightclubs, bars, music venues and DJs. With a sharp, crisp metallic style and large sexy feature image, Swag Honey definitely catches your eye.

6. Free Indie Poster / Flyer Template by Indieground


This Free Indie Poster / Flyer Template Vol 1 by Indieground is a brilliant free gig poster template for advertising your concerts, bar gigs, music events and more.

7. Free Latin Night Flyer Template


This free Latin Night Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes is a beautiful, vibrant and clean club flyer template that utilises deep emotional reds with clean cut bold and metallic text with an energetic and passionate Latino dancer / model stock. It’s hot!

8. Honey Lounge Flyer Template


Honey Lounge Flyer Template is a free club flyer template with a seductive yet sensual vibe. the design is split in two, with half being used for information and photographs whilst the other features a hot chick fading seductively into the background.

9. Frozone Free DJ Flyer Template


Frozone DJ Flyer Template is a solid, serious and bold free dj flyer template design for music events, DJs and live performers. With a two tone metallic design Frozone gives of a shine that contrasts with the dark grimey background to make a brilliant club night design.

10. Free House Music Flyer Template


This Free House Music Flyer Template has a bouncing, fun and bubbly feel that’s packed with energy for the perfect energetic night!

11. Midnight Offender Flyer Template


Midnight Offender is something special – and it’s one of FlyerHeroes most popular designs! Midnight Offender can be tailored to fit anything from a simple club night event, an indie gig, DJ flyer or more.

12. Free LGBT Flyer Template


This bright and vibrant LGBT (Lesbian Gay Transgender Bi) flyer template is made specifically for promoting LGBT nights, however you can easily use it to advertise any other fun clb night style event with a little cut and pasting here and there.

13. Free Steampunk Flyer Template


This Steampunk flyer template is something truly unique! There is nothing else like this out there which is terrific if you’re looking for something non-club like or a non club flyer template. Even if you’re not after a Steampunk flyer, downloading it for free just to check out how it’s made and how it’s layers are built up could definitely be fun!

14. Free Trap Music Flyer Template


So, we’re getting through quite the selection of free club flyer templates here that cover a great range of genres and music / event types – and this is another. Free Trap Music Flyer Template has the original purpose of advertising – you guessed it – a trap music event.

15. Free Reggae Flyer Template


This stereotypical Reggae Flyer Template design is great for showing off your Reggae events as the reader will know straight away what your event is about and the music that’ll be playing – Reggae!

16. Luxury Lounge Flyer Template


Luxury Lounge Flyer Template has a stunningly elegant and clean cut design style that fits perfectly being used with high class establishment brand name clubs.

17. Synergetic Flyer Template


Synergetic Free Club Flyer Templates are easy to use Photoshop PSDs for weekly nightclub events. This template in particular is simple to use with a highly customisable design style.

18. Half Price Weekenders Flyer Template


Half Price Weekenders is incredible – why it is being given away for free I do not know! It’s download numbers are definitely representitive of it’s quality, being one of the FlyerHeroes’ crew top ranking downloads!

19. Free Hookah Lounge Flyer Template


Another themed flyer – Free Hookah Lounge Flyer Template is for promoting Hookah / shisha bars and lounges / events. Download for free now and get promoting!

20. Suicide Saturdays Flyer Template


Now, let’s end this round up with a smasher! This design is so hot – again, I have no idea why it’s free! Suicide Saturdays is a badass free Photoshop PSD club flyer template that rounds of this round up of Photoshop PSD Nightclub Flyer Templates perfectly – go download it and enjoy messing with them in Photoshop guys!

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