Graphic design has been an essential practice for an effective marketing and advertising with its message-conveying style, layout and balance. Although the process in overall requires professionalism, it is important to note that such process emerged even as early as the prehistoric era but was only first coined in 1922 by William Addison Dwiggins.

Human skills are directly linked to graphic design as it decides how stunning or how boring the result shall be.  Just imagine how much difference there will be in the output design for those Adobe Graphic Design tools experts from those that are only beginners. Skills greatly matter in every output but never compromise the style as well as repetitive layout and configuration may end up boring and lousy. Graphic designers ought to vary their style and use their skills to make graphic designing not just happen but put into great satisfaction—skills plus style equals perfection!  Below are some graphic design styles that incorporated the principles from the past decades. Check them as it might be an answer to your client’s demands or your own company’s demands.

Have a look at some examples through the decades.

1950s Graphic Design Styles







1960s Graphic Design Styles









1970s Graphic Design Styles








1980s Graphic Design Styles





1990s Graphic Design Styles







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