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Anjelica De Alexandris is a designer, design fan and researcher based in the South West, United Kingdom. Anjelica considers herself to eat and sleep design and loves her Mac to bits. Anjelica writes for numerous design blogs including Web Design Mash (Author and Editor throughout 2010), Rez, Design is Dead and Blog of Francesco Mugnai.

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  3. Most of these are clearly made up. The one about the cape sounds like a good idea, couldn’t you do it?…

    Pods poor, now go do some work instead of making this Shit up, then maybe your clientele will not keep complaining that you are too expensive.

    Bet you don’t publish this comment!

  4. Hey Charlie thanks for the feedback. You sound like you would actually be one of those ‘Clients from Hell’. Are you in the list? 😛

  5. Made me smile 🙂
    No matter how long you spend trying to make a site fool proof someone will always prove you wrong, often a client haha!

  6. I’m having mixed feelings. I think the site is great but all of these scenarios made me extremely angry. I want to say I like it and that I totally lol’d at every single one, but really all I could think of was how badly I wanted to call these asspains and suggest suicide as a viable solution to their web design problems.

    I work in retail so I know you can’t tell your clients where to go and how to get there, but I’m not sure if I could maintain my composure in these situations. You are a tough lady. 😀

  7. Client: “I need a web banner to go on randomsite.com”
    Me: “OK, no problem. What are the specs?”
    Client: “Specs?”
    Me: “Yeah, you know, width, height, files size limitations what you want on it. Basically all of the information so we don’t get it sent back to us.”
    Client: “Jesus Christ you always complicate things, why can’t you ever just do it!”

    This is ALWAYS HAPPENING to me…
    Good article!

  8. Very nice. I’ve heard something like these a number of times. The ACAP/ASAP is great. Long story behind that one for me.

  9. Kill them. All of them. I don’t want them to annoy anyone else. I’ve had clients like this-AHHHH!

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