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BP Logo Gets a A Makeover – Logo Design Love

Greenpeace has launched a campaign to redesign the BP logo, and there are around 300 entries uploaded to the Flickr set.

20 Great FREE WordPress Themes That Don’t Suck! – Web Design Mash

I’ve trawled through the web to find some free themes that I think look pretty good. Hope you like the collection that I present here to you. Enjoy!

3 Spy Techniques for Covert Graphic Designers – Freelance Review

After this article is published, employers may think twice before hiring a graphic designer.

40 Amazing Web Apps for Freelancers – Pro Blog Design

Web apps are great because you can access them from anywhere, they keep all of your data safe, and for the most part, they’re straightforward to get up and running with (No installations or configuring needed!)

Unique and Creative Bottle Openers – Toxel

The most creative and unusual bottle openers that will help you open your favorite beverage in style.

30 Impressive Email Newsletter Designs for Your Inspiration – Dzine Blog

Many newsletters are published by clubs, churches, societies, associations, and businesses, especially companies, to provide information of interest to their members, customers or employees.

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: June 2010 – Smashing Magazine

Desktop wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use some specific wallpaper for a long period of time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration out of it.

Dive into HTML5 – The Design Cubicle

As the post title describes: A dive into understanding and implementing HTML5 and other Standards.

The Stunning Faces of India: 25 Incredible Photos – Light Stalking

These 25 stunning faces of Indians goes to show how diverse and beautiful the people are who live in one of the most amazing countries in the world.

A Collection of Free Adobe Illustrator Floral Vector Files – Naldz Graphics

Check out this amazing collection brought to you by skilled and talented designers. You can download these items right into your desktop for free! Use them wisely to create your masterpieces and download as much as you like for future use.

33 Exciting Examples of Action Photography – The Photo Argus

Action photography requires specific skills to produce successful images. Panning, predictive focusing, and selective metering are all important skills that are not as hard to master due to new technology and advances in digital cameras today.

What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer skills – The Oatmeal

Great comic by The Oatmeal.

75 Super Funny T-shirt Designs – Creative Overflow

The artist Glenn Jones, with his amazing talent and great imagination has come up with some of the funniest, shocking and downright awesome t-shirts yet.

36 Alphabet Letters Poster Design Inspiration – Online Poster Printing

The conventional children’s alphabet poster is most likely our very first encounter with the English alphabet. Nowadays, many designers are adding a modern take on traditional letters posters by using excellent typography.

The Designer and the Seven Deadly Sins – Onextrapixel

To err is human. No one is free from committing sin. The best we can do is to do our utmost to control ourselves from committing the same sins over and over again. There is no shame is making mistakes, only shame in repeating those same mistakes knowingly.

35 Handwritten Fonts for Designers – Blue Bots

So many fonts… So many choices… Here, we bring you another set of cool fonts you would surely fell in love with. These unique fonts will surely look good with your unique designs…

25 Best Photoshop Brushes Released in May 2010 – Best Design Options

Time once again for our monthly roundup of the best Photoshop brushes from around the web. For the month of May 2010, we gathered together a total of 25 fresh and quality Photoshop brushes that you can use and experiment with.

Design a Super Clean Blue Portfolio Website – PSDFan

Learn how to use guides and rulers to create a well structured, organized clean web design.

IE6 Finally Nearing Extinction [STATS] – Mashable

According to web analytics company StatCounter, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 is now truly a relic of the past with less than 5% of market share in the U.S. and Europe.

How to create a clean and design portfolio layout using Photoshop – 2 Expert Design

In this Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to build a layout to create a website for a webdesigner or a little webagency. I don’t think this tutorial will be easy for beginners, so If you have some knowledge in webdesign… there you go!

Awesome Typographic Tattoos – Abduzeedo

Tattoos are a really big deal because that’s something to mark you skin forever. One good way to go when you decide to get a tattoo is go for a typographic one!

40 Travel Art Poster Design Examples – Online Poster Printing

Travel posters are considered important tools in advertising and help boost tourism of a particular place. Aside from being effective marketing tools, these posters also allow us to take a peek into a country’s culture and its beautiful hot spots.

The Future Of CSS Typography – Design Reviver

The challenge for any web designer is to create style sheets that are unique, distinctive and can be replicated in a way that will create brand recognition.

30 Unique Logo Designs That Actually Say Something -Dev Snippets

A well-thought logo is the one that successfully communicate ideas to people. Logos have great importance in creating brand identity that’s why designers compete to be creative to deliver their message in a unique way.

Why I Dislike “Freelance” – The Design Cubicle

Don’t let the title fool you. I certainly love being self-employed, but I cringe when I hear the self-employeed reference themselves as “freelance.

A Showcase Of ‘Handmade’ Websites – D Lists

’ve got another showcase of beautifully textured sites for you. There are a whole host of different techniques on show in this list, but they all have on thing in common, they all have a ‘handmade’ feel about them.

Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images – Part 1 – Onextrapixel

Ever since all the articles showcasing the new features in HTML5 and CSS3 started appearing around the web, I have had the idea of building a website layout without any images.

WordPress or Drupal… Which One Wins the Race? – The Web Squeeze

Since there are so many open source database-backed content management platforms, people have choices of CMSs, depending upon their needs. We have found a few discussions where various groups and communities of people opted for different CMS for the same purpose.

Free Creative and Professional CSS3 CV/Resume Template – Specky Boy

Today we have the pleasure of releasing free to our readers a resume template that is choc-full of CSS3 properties, smooth jQuery powered navigation (for jumping between the sections) and finally, it makes use of Googles new Font API.

Get Inspired: 40 Pieces of Awesome Art featuring the Joker – Re-encoded

The Joker is well-known to most of us, being the archenemy of our comics/movie hero, Batman. I’ve seen a lot of showcases around showing us some very inspiring and impressing Batman artworks, but I haven’t seen the Joker have an own collection yet.

100 Fresh Beautiful Business Cards – Splashnology

In this article, we’ll take a look at 100 truly outstanding business card designs which show that there are truly no limits to the design of a business card.

50 Creatively Designed Websites On Single Page -Smashing Apps

Sometimes a single page website delivers much more information as compared to a multi-page website.

Professional Lighting in Model Photography – Tutorial 9

This case study shows how lighting was manipulated to create the perfect environment for a fashion photoshoot.

7 Habits You As A Freelancer Need To Ditch – Smashing Share

Freelancers accumulate a lot of things and habits that get in the way of their work. Sure we meet deadlines and get things done but our productivity suffers.

24 NOT Photoshopped Pictures – Illusion or Delusion? – Graphic Design Blog

Photoshop is every graphic designer’s launch pad towards professional designing. The power of Photoshop manipulation is inconceivable.

30 Breathtaking Examples of Bokeh Photography – Web Design Ledger

The term Bokeh comes from a Japanese word that means “blur”. In photography, it’s used to describe the blur or the quality of the blur in the out-of-focus regions of an image.

30 Incredible Gravity-Defying Advertisements – Presidia Creative

Gravity is essential to life on our planet.  From our atmosphere, to our skeletal structure, to the Moon’s influence on Earth’s orbit and tides, all of them rely on the force of gravity in order to function properly.

5 Design Books You Should Own – Designer Daily

The Internet is full of information about design: educational articles, tutorials, rants,… there is a lot you can learn online. However, design books are still one of the best learning resources you can find. Reading books allows you to concentrate better and fully cover a topic, the following books should help you to do just that.

12 Tips for a Less-Stressful Designer Lifestyle – Graphic Design Blender

Who would have ever thought that something you love so much (designing) could stress you out so much?

90 Clean and Minimal Web Designs for Design Inspiration – Instantshift

The web industry nowadays is very productive. During these years there have been many trends followed and every day the designers experiment new techniques creating new tendencies in the art of making website.

40 Handy Photoshop Custom Shape Sets: Save Time – 1stwebdesigner

Photoshop custom shapes are useful, if you can’t create the shape yourself, don’t have the right brush or just need that element in high resolution and really sharp.

Ten Essential Items Every Freelance Office Needs to Get Started – Freelance Folder

Becoming a freelancer is one of the easiest business to start, because–unlike starting a bakery, gym or other kind of business–it doesn’t require much capital to begin.

Tarnished Logos: Can Brands Bounce Back From Scandal? – Allgraphicdesign

In the wake of the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf, petroleum giant BP is taking flak from all sides, including attacks on their logo

Fresh Photoshop Resources – Patterns, Textures and Actions – Design Reviver

There is nothing better, nothing more powerful and nothing more popular than the greatest graphic image editor ever that is Photoshop.

Freebies: 20 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes – Web Design Mash

Looking for some cool freebies for Photoshop? Look no futher. Here is a nice collection of colorful and stylish watercolor styled brushes. Why not try your skills with these nice brushes and create some stunning effects and jazz up those designs and artwork. Hope you like!

Inspiration: 35 Unique Examples of Vintage Design – Net Tuts +

In this collection of retro-themed websites, you’ll find some excellent designs that will leave you in awe. Vintage websites have been quite popular in the last year, and I hope that these examples will inspire you to create your own!

32 Very Unique Wine Logos And Labels – Little Box of Ideas

The quirks romancing a wine logo are many. Each vineyard has a story to tell. It is this dialogue with their roots and history that awakens the connoisseur in all of us.

The 90 most fantastic HDR pictures from Flickr – 2expertdesign

Today, I would like to let you discover an amazing set of pictures using the HDR technique. All pictures provide from the same unique web-site: Flickr. An HDR picture (High Dynamic Range-technique) returns with more reality the extent of light and dark shades of a situation.

22 Creative and Magical Shots of Ice – Light Stalking

Ice is kind of a mysterious thing, the solid form of water and steam, it can take on near magical appearances that change every few seconds as it continues to melt, or freeze harder.

10 Free Printable Web Design Wireframing Templates – Web Design Ledger

When creating these sketches, it’s good to have a guide or starting point. Here we’ve rounded up 10 free printable templates that will help you get started with your own wireframe sketches.

45 Mobile Web Designs To Show You One Of Future Trends – 1stwebdesigner

Even if now not many visitors come to the website through his mobile phone, but be sure it’s the future, where people will use their smart phones everywhere to access their favorite websites when they are on the road and want to fill their free time with useful reading.

First Friday Giveaway: Thousands of Vectors – Echo Enduring Blog

It’s the first Friday of the month again, which means it’s also time for another installment for First Friday Giveaways.

40 Shots of Beautiful Nature & Wildlife #Photography – Web Design Mash

Continuing on from our ‘Photographs of the Week‘ series. This week we bring you 40 photos that showcases the beauty of nature and wildlife. From beautiful scenery to cute furry animals there is a great selection of nature at it’s best. Sit back and relax and take some time out to view these astounding photos.

Handling the Business Side of Design – Hongkiat

One aspect of The American Dream is owning one’s own business. People fantasize about becoming their own boss rather than working for The Man while making their own hours and doing something they love.

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