Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks they received.

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30 Web Designs With Awesome Illustrations – Tripwire Magazine

There is currently a strong trend in web design using drawn illustrations to tell a story and giving the website a unique look that is easy to remember.

Love Design – Top 10 Websites of the Week No.16 – Web Design Mash

Love Design – is a weekly article that goes back to the roots of Web Design Mash and showcases our top 10 sites of the week. If you wish to submit a future showcase of your web designs  that you think are worthy then please contact us via the contact page.

40 Amazing Web Apps for Freelancers – Pro Blog Design

Web apps are great because you can access them from anywhere, they keep all of your data safe, and for the most part, they’re straightforward to get up and running with (No installations or configuring needed!)

Get Inspired: 35 Warm VS Cool Color Website Designs – 1stwebdesigner

A website resembles the identity of a company, a certain community, or even a person. Thousands of websites live out there on the internet these days, and their number increase every single second.

Most Popular Design Links of the Week 13 – 19 June – Web Design Mash

Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account on throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks they received.

10 Tips to Improve Your About Page – David Airey

Almost as important as your website’s home page is the about page. This is your opportunity to build rapport with your guests — a chance to introduce yourself and to explain the aim of your website. Here are 10 tips that’ll have your own page in excellent shape.

20 Uniquely Cool jQuery Plugins and Tutorials – 1stwebdesigner

jQuery is a fantastic resource with a powerful base of plugins, but we often see roundup’s of the same boring plugins that all do the same thing.

Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images – Part 2 – Onextrapixel

In the first part of this article – Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images – Part 1, we have finished explaining all the HTML5 elements used in the code of our demo’s index.html page and today we will discuss the CSS properties used to make it pretty.

21 New Fonts Free to Use in Your Next Projects – Best Design Options

Free but quality fonts that you can use for your different projects are an essential component of every designers’ tool kit.

100 Stunning Infrared Photography – Splashnology

In this collection, we’ll look at 100 stunning infrared photograph. Infrared photographs have contrasting color effects as you will see. An example of Infrared photograph would be to show trees with white leaves. Take a look at all the images and tell us what you think.

20 New Business Cards – Best of June 2010 – Francesco Mugnai

The Best Website Designs of the 2010 World Cup – Web Designer Depot

The World Cup is currently taking place in South Africa and people all over the world are glued to television sets at home, in bars and in town squares, to watch their country play.

55 Examples of Beautifully Integrated Social Media Links in Web Design – Web Design Ledger

I believe that everybody already understands the importance of social media, and incorporating it into a web design. To get the attention of your viewers to your social media links you need to use both strategy and good taste.

How to Incorporate Simplicity in Your Designs? – Richworks

There has been a wide spread debate on the exact definitions of Simplicity, Usability and Minimalism for quite some time now. The deduction that they all are more or less the same has also been on the discussion lounge for quite a while.

Would You Hire Yourself? – Freelance Folder

n a previous life as an operations manager, I used to have the responsibility of hiring new employees. One of the first questions I would ask in the interview was “Would you hire yourself?”

Graphic Design Posters: 20 Witty and Creative Posters – Best Design Options

So what is graphic design? There are a lot of interpretation out there about this topic. Each one of us has our his or her definition of what is graphic design.

30 of the Best Infographics that Effectively Showcase Data – Design Reviver

Infographics have been around for decades. They’ve allowed us to convert data into a visual structure making it easier for everyone to read and understand the information being conveyed.

Importance Of Questionnaires In Logo Design And 7 Fantastic Resources – Little Box of Ideas

The internet makes the world go around, literally. Because of it, geography is no longer a barrier in commissioning and delivering work created in digital format.

Why Webmasters Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Domain Names – Dailybloggr

We heard recently that the internet is approaching another milestone – its approaching 200 million domain names ! That is amazing. Just goes out to say how many domain names are being bought as we speak. The reality is that there are about hundreds of domain names being bought and registered, every single second.

26 Great ‘Clients from Hell’ Quotes – Web Design Mash

Somedays when I am having a bad day or dealing with a ‘client from hell’ which can really stress me out I browse some of the quotes submitted at Clients from Hell and it makes me think that maybe it’s not so bad. After all they do pay the bills (even if they don’t always pay on time!)

15 Inspiring Home Offices – Freelance Switch

Is there such a thing as the perfect home office? From my personal opinion, I’d say that your own office is the perfect one. Then again, this all depends on what we have, what we use and if we’re pleased with it. I’m not even close to satisfied with my office yet, but I’m working on it.

Oh No! 40 More Clients From Hell Quotes – Web Design Mash

Well I’ve gone and done it again… Compiled another collection of ‘Clients from Hell’ quotes and continuing on from ‘26 Client’s from Hell Quotes”.

When, Why & How: One Page Website Designs – Paper-Leaf

Web users are bombarded with information on a daily basis, and it’s been shown that the way users read on a computer is completely different to how they read offline. Skimming content is the name of the game, and if the user doesn’t immediately see what he or she wants to see in a few seconds, off they’ll go into the internight to find what they want.

73 Blog Designs From Deviantart You’ll Never Forget – 1stwebdesigner

For some long time I’ve been gathering great blog designs from deviantart to get inspired and now I will showcase them all in one huge article!! Surprisingly finding great ideas and designs have been much easier in Deviantart than any other web design showcase sites.

25 Stunning Package Design Ideas – Graphic Mania

ttraction is one of the main factors in product promotion, and the last step to attract the client to buy a product is to attract the client’s eyes to see the product in the stores’ shelve.

Five Improvement Ideas for E-Commerce Sites – Inspiredology

If you are trying to get your online e-commerce site going, then your work is never done. There are always improvements you can make.

10 Landscape Photography Tutorials to Help You Shoot Like A Pro – The Photo Argus

Great landscape photography can be a real challenge to achieve. By knowing the elements of what it takes to produce a great landscape shot, you will be well on your way to creating your own masterpieces.

Get Inspired: 20 Humorous Pieces of Art – Re-encoded

As we have heard many times, laughter can be the best medicine. And a new one I heard was: Laughter clears the mind. So – this time around I’ve collected some funny pieces of digital art that can be of inspiration.

Not Every Website is Designed – A Case Study – Echo Enduring Blog

As designers on the web, we all know that there are literally hundreds of web design galleries that we can go to whenever we want to look at some of the most exquisite work that our peers are cranking out.

20+ Stunning Web Sites with Full Size Photo Backgrounds – Tripwire Magazine

Web design inspiration is always helpful as looking at the creative creations others have done can kickstart your own creativity. There are obviously different approaches you can take and what fits your needs best typically depends on the content and concept, the business or organization the web site represents.

3 Things You Have To Do Right Now – Creative Overflow

In this post we will be talking about 3 serious tasks that you have to complete right now. These tasks aren’t specifically targeted at a certain job, but at everyone as a matter of fact. These 3 things are very important to business people and freelancers. Keeping yourself on top of your game is the only way to success.

Water Textures: 100 High Quality But Free Water Pictures – Best Design Options

It has been a long while since we had our last post about textures. Since it is almost summer and most of us are looking forward to spending a nice summer holiday in a beach, we decided to come up with a refreshing post about quality water textures that you can use for your design projects.

Are You Taking Enough Time to Build Your Design Business? – Graphic Design Blender

This article will explore the best ways to build your design business while still finding time to do what you enjoy most: designing.

Showcase of Pixar Inspired Artworks – Web Design Mash

When I was 8 years old my parents took me to see my first CGI movie. This movie was the legendary Toy Story made by the one and only Pixar. I’d never seen a proper CGI film before apart from the shorts such as Luxo Jnr (which can be viewed below) and Tin Toy that Pixar had made and were shown a lot on Disney Cartoon Time.  At that age I was so amazed and had never seen anything so colorful and vivid and even today now I am in my 20′s I still feel the exactly the same way.

Freelance Advice: 5 Freelancing Essentials – Freelance Switch

What is it that makes us freelancers the way we are? Is it our will to reach our goals? Or do we strive towards being the best in our field? No matter what drives you, we all need some help getting there – so what could be better than listing our Top 5 Freelance Essential articles?

Ways to Find Design Inspiration – Web Design Mash

When working in the design industry it’s easy to find inspiration everywhere you go, by everything you see, hear and touch and you don’t need to be sat at your computer to get inspiration either.

Say Bye-Bye to Bad Clients – Sitepoint

Bad clients are the bane of freelancers. Whether they’re panic-mongers, late-payers, or simply time drains, bad clients can have a disproportionately negative effect on your business (not to mention yourself). And often, that negative impact is so subtle that you don’t even realize it’s happening.

Huge Collection Of Ajax Tutorials And Techniques -Design Your Way

he thing that was missing from the resources category on the site was this article, a collection of Ajax techniques, tips and tutorials. I hope this article will help the developers to learn or find some of the interesting features found here.

Midweek Article Inspiration: 20 New Ways to Inspire Your Design Thinking – Design Juices

All over the web we see and exciting ways to get our design juices flowing so we can be as productive and as creative as possible. Here these articles focus not only on how we can be better inspired but also inform us of new ways in improving our web design brains, inform us of emerging creatives and much more.

20 Amazing Examples of Light Photography – Designer Daily

Photography is the art of capturing light, originally on light-sensitive paper, and today more commonly by means of digital sensors.

A Showcase of 23 Asian Art Posters – Online Poster Printing

Asian art showcases the rich culture, history, and heritage of the Asian people. Whether it is expressed through calligraphy, sculpture, pottery, architecture, or print design, Asian art makes its mark with unique, exceptional, and exotic designs.

100 Seriously Useful Firefox Addons for Web Designers – Freelance Review

Firefox is a trusted friend for thousands of web designers and developers the world over. Sure, we all know about popular extensions like Firebug, but we’ve compiled a list of 99 other great addons to help you get even more from Firefox.

World Cup Typography – I Love Colors

The FontFeed featured the typefaces of Paul Barnes and Yomar Augusto, used by some teams in the World Cup.

9 Principals of Logo Design – Design

Put yourself in this scenario.  You are invited to several job interviews, much of them for the kind of jobs you have only dreamed about getting.  The kind you jokingly told your friends about when you figured out what you wanted to be when you grew up. You want to impress your future clients.

Top Free MAC Apps For Graphic Designers – Slodive

There are also many free applications out there that can do the same kind of job that Photoshop could do for you. This article rounds up the best 25 free Mac Programs for Graphic Designers.

30 Excellent Examples of Large Typography in Web Design – Tripwire Magazine

Typography is a key elements of web design, right? Unless you are creating a photo gallery you are likely to have typography all over you design, in headlines, logo, body text etc.

Some of the Best & Inspiring Adverts from Around the World – Web Design Mash

Advertising is one of the biggest forms of communication and its main purpose is to persuade consumers to take some sort of action. Advertisers are always trying new ways to to get our attention and I think with this collection below supplied by Creative Ad Awards of truly creative adverts from around the world they have surely succeeded.

Planning your E-Commerce Website – Six Revisions

Whether theming an e-commerce website or doing a full-scale build, one of the most important parts in the whole process is the planning. Planning a build before you start can sometimes seem like a bit of a tedious and time-consuming task, but not only will it make everything run a lot smoother, it will also save a lot of time.

15 Teenage Photographers Whose Works Will Strike You – Ready Photosite Blog

They say, age has nothing to do with talent. This statement is well illustrated in our today’s collection. Below you can see the works of 15 teenage photographers.

A Closer Look at Hierarchy in Web Design – Onextrapixel

Many times designers will depend on other great designs for inspiration, trends, or ‘tricks of the trade’ to get by. However, learning the basic design principles and getting a feel for how they are applied to web design is essential for the career of any designer.

The Disadvantages of Having Too Many Ideas – Inspired Mag

One of the most common problems creative people experience is a lack of ideas. An imaginative dry-spell. The internet is awash with articles advising how this state can be overcome, I’ve even written one myself.

How To: Deal with different Client Characteristics – Re-encoded

In this article I’ve written about some of the different characteristics of clients. Some clients are very specifically one type, while most are mixed. It will always be this way, as clients are as different as everyone else.

25+ Amazing Origami Inspired Designs – Designous Times

Some of the most challenging architectural designs are inspired by this Japanese art. Great architects and designers have captured in their work the essence of geometry by using complex shapes and a great deal of imagination!

Inspiration After Sex And Creativity Is For Nutjobs – Drawar

What the hell does that mean exactly? Does it just mean you are motivated to do something? If I tell you I was inspired to create a website about mermaids eating hot dogs does that mean I was inspired by watching my goldfish eat the sausage I accidentally dropped in its bowl?

Become Master of Text Effects With 40 Adobe Fireworks Tutorials – 1stwebdesigner

Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor. It is aimed at web designers for rapidly creating website prototypes and application interfaces. It is designed to integrate easily with other former Macromedia products, such as Dreamweaver and Flash.

Not for the squeamish!!! 25 Shocking Horror & Macabre Photos – Web Design Mash

Continuing on in our Photos of the Week series we bring you 25 photos from the disturbing Horror & Macabre category.

40 Minimalistic and Cute Movie Posters – 10steps

Pedro Vidotto has taken some classic and iconic movies and transformed their promotional posters into minimalistic works of art. Movies like Fight Club, Where the Wild Things Are, Titanic and Toy Story all get the minimalist treatment and Pedro Vidotto does an amazing job with them.

Do You Work At Weekends? -Site Point

It’s the weekend and, for most people in the IT world, it’s a welcome two-day break from the drudgery of work. However, part of the ‘fun’ of being a freelancer is that you can work any time: evenings, holidays or weekends. I’m doing it now!

27 FREE Icon Sets from Worth Downloading – Web Design Mash

If you are looking for some icons for your Mac or designs then look no further. 365icon provides 100% free resources for the design community.

35 Creative Twitter Background Inspired from Typography – Best Free Web Resources

By designing a creative twitter background you can attract new customers.I’ve compiled a list of Twitter profiles who have impressive creative backgrounds, which I feel stand out above the rest.

60 Water Scenes Desktop Wallpapers – Design Your Way

During summer we all want to refresh ourselves with some water, by drinking it or by diving and swimming in it. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to go swimming or travel to a nice place to enjoy a beautiful view and cool blue water. Luckily, we can tease our minds with the enjoying view of a water scene desktop wallpaper. Enjoy these great photos.

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