Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week. These are not the top links chosen by us but chosen by you and the amount of clicks and retweets they received.

30 Examples of Surreal Photography – Web Design Mash

Sometimes it’s just good to let your mind go and escape to another world. In this week’s ‘Photos of the Week’ gallery I bring you a collection of surreal photography, some of it the photos are real and some of the photos have been manipulated to create that strange, imaginative and sometimes twisted and creepy effect.

12 Beautiful Women Caught in the Lines of a Pencil – The Inquisitr

Back when I had aspirations of being an artist one of my favorite medium to work in was pencil. There was something about the contrasting colors of the pencil against white paper canvas that I found incredibly interesting

What Do You Think About the New Myspace Logo? – Designer Daily

It seems that corporations have decided it’s a good week to release logo redesigns. After the Gap logo fail, myspace shows a new logo at a conference.

30 Amazing and Fresh Nature Wallpapers – Presidia Creative

As a Saturday afternoon bonus roundup, we’ve gathered up 30 amazing and fresh nature wallpapers for you to use on your desktop!  The largest is sized is linked for download!

Most Popular Design Links of the Week 3 – 9 October 2010 – Web Design Mash

Time for our weekly links round up and today being 10/10/10/ What a great date! Here at Web Design Mash we are huge fans of Twitter and on this weekly post you will find the most popular links tweeted by our Twitter Account throughout the week.

The Most Amazing Examples Of Vexel Artworks (AWESOME PICS) – Smashing Apps

The word Vexel is derived from two words: ‘Vector’ and ‘Pixel’ and it is the new emerging form of digital art which is totally based on pixel.

50 Excellent Photography-Related Tutorials – Six Revisions

With the advent of affordable digital cameras and photo-editing software such as Photoshop, what used to be an expensive profession is more and more accessible to casual individuals.

Chance To Learn With These Superb CG Digital Artwork Tutorials – Multy Shades

Most of the artists love to draw imaginary graphics on canvas, CG digital artwork usually used for cartoons movie characters, digital art paintings  and for many other things, infect there are no limits to imagine for an artist who love to create their magical pieces with a unique style.

A Guide To Social Network Design – Instantshift

Social networking websites have become a primary means of social communication, in both the social and corporate world.

40 Amazing Music Inspired Artworks – Creativefan

Music serves as incredible inspiration for artists around the world when working on a piece.  Whether it’s the uplifting melodies of euphoric trance, the screaming guitars of rock and metal, the driving basslines of hip-hop and R&B, the soft complexity of classical music, or any other genre, most artists have a favorite style of music to listen to, one that echoes their creative soul and drives them to create stunning works of digital art.

35 Beautiful Letterhead Designs for Inspiration – Best Design Options

Having a professional letterhead design is very important in building a brand for your business. Since you use this piece of paper in your day-to-day business communication such as in issuing receipts, invoices, bills, verification, among other things, it is just logical to use your letterhead in building your brand.

Inception: 30 Awesome Posters, Infographics and Photo Manipulations – Blog of Francesco Mugnai

A collection of posters, infographics and manipulations inspired by the awesome film that is ‘Inception’.

40 Useful Online Generators For Web Designers – Noupe

Generators can be a great way to save time in your web design projects. High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand.

40 Fresh Examples of Minimal Web Design – Web Design Ledger

There is nothing more inspiring than a clean and minimal website. A design with few elements representing something. The saying “less is more”, even though somewhat cliche, couldn’t be more true.

30 Selective, Useful and Creative Infographics – Best Design Tuts

Any visual representation of any information, data or knowledge, which makes the understanding of that particular piece of information easy and quick, is called infographic or information graphic.

Evolution of Websites: A Darwinian Tale – Six Revisions

The web is constantly evolving. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how quickly new technologies are being adopted and how fragile design trends are.

Comprehensive Guides For Understanding The Basic Fundamentals Of Illustrator – Creative Nerds

This is a guide aimed more at beginners in order to understand the fundamental aspects of illustrator. These tutorials are simple tutorials which will teach you how to master the basics of illustrator, to help build your confidence familrise you with some tools features as well as what can be accomplished using illustrator.

50 Digital Artworks from Photoshop Masters – Presidia Creative

Photoshop is the most versatile and powerful graphics editing and creation software available, and some artists have really managed to master the program and integrate it into their workflows to create stunning works of digital art and computer graphics.

50 Most Demanding & Highly Professional Business Cards – Kitaro 10

Graphic Designers and printing companies always try new things in business card designs and the trend is totally change now. The business cards you are seeing these days are full of creativity and innovative.

Free New Twitter PSD Background Template – Fuel Your Creativity

New Twitter is out now for most all users and we’ve seen the complaint of your BG designs being borked. We had great success with our Free PSD Twitter background template. Good news we’ve kept it simple like the last so, it’s efficient and easy to use.

5 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design – Hongkiat

Simplicity rules! It makes a websites look sleek, reduce nagivation confusion and it helps achieving desired goals and results (I.e., more signups, subscribers and sales). But too often it seems elusive to simplify your website design.

35 of the Most Incredible and Creative Bookshelves Ever – Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Collection of incredible bookshelves.

The Importance of Branding Yourself as a Designer – Re-encoded

As freelance designers, we always find ourselves searching for new clients once in a while instead of having clients search for us. This is generally an idea or situation we need to adapt to in the freelancing industry as clients always tend to come and go, and we rarely have returning clientele.

20 Beautiful Windows 7 Themes – Web 3 Mantra

Windows 7 is now becomes very famous in the world because It is the first Operating System of Microsoft which has been developed by keeping users feedback in mind.

How to Go About Logo Redesigning – Tutorial Lounge

A logo is designed as soon as the business is established and remains till the end of the days. However, at times, due to some particularly important reasons, companies tend to change the appearance of their logo.

30 Gorgeous Tileable Patterns To Download And Use In Your Designs – Design Your Way

The easy way to fill a background is by using a seamless and tileable pattern. I got for you here 30 interesting patterns to use in your designs, by adding them to the site background or even a panel’s background and if you’re more a graphic designer you can use them for a poster.

30 Inspiring Wallpapers to Fresh Up Your Desktop – Re-encoded

Every now and then changing your wallpaper can give a good boost of inspiration and a nice feeling of change. This is why we’ve selected 30 great wallpapers for you to choose from.

10 Most influential designs that changed the Modern World – Richworks

Everything you encounter in your life, from your toothbrush, to your computer; the water bottle you drink out of and the pen you write with, have been designed. Design is essential for so many reasons in the products we buy and how we use them, going well beyond mere aesthetics.

Photoshop CS5 Tutorials: 70 Creative Tips – Designrfix

In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials from around the web from the month of September 2010.

50 Clever and Cool LogosFreelance Review – Freelance Review

Wow, another logo inspiration post. Enough already, right? I know, I know. Here’s the deal: when Freelance Review first launched we had some really cool logo inspiration posts, none of which made the transfer to the new platform from the old platform.

20 Fresh PSD Website Templates – Web 3 Mantra

PSD files are very useful resources for beginners. That’s why good designers always share their designs to express themselves. Today I collected 20+ fresh PSD templates made by these designers.

28 Very Useful Font and Typography Tools for Designers – Design Beep

Where ever you turn your head you see typography and this shows how important it is.Designers are so accurate about fonts because of this many tools especially online tools are created in recent years.

70 Useful Objects For Web Designer’s Inspiration – Multy Shades

Objects are very essential in any graphic or web designing, web designers always needed related objects in their different design projects, there are billions of objects are available on the web but today we have compiled 70 useful and selective objects for your design inspiration.

30 Marvelous & Creative Depth of Field Photos – Modny 73

Depth of field is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph.The DOF is determined by the camera-to-subject distance, the lens focal length, the lens f-number, and the format size or circle of confusion criterion.

Gap’s New Logo Shamed Away By The Internets – CMD Shift Design

If  you weren’t online this last week, you missed it. Last Monday, Gap revealed it’s new logo — and… it was BAD. The internet was booming with hate speech about this branding monstrostity.

2 x Ad space still available over at BuySell Ads starting at only $15 PCM

14 Cool LED Products and Designs – Toxel

Collection of unique products and cool designs with integrated LED lights.

30 Beautiful Widescreen Desktop Wallpapers – Tricksdaddy

We spend a lot of time and money in making our workspace more user-friendly, more creative and more inspiring. Such a workspace help us to work for more and more hours without getting bored. Similar way our desktop wallpaper must also be creative and beautiful to keep our mind refresh.

7 Things You Really Don’t Need to Take a Photo of – The Oatmeal

Awesome comic strip by ‘The Oatmeal’.

Awesome Landing Pages – Slodive

Gone are the days when Landing pages or Call to action buttons were considered one of the most neglected things while designing a website. Now both clients and designers fully understand the importance of placing the Landing pages strategically so that it can grab maximum eye balls and convert inquiries into business.

Using WordPress as a Static Website – Smashing Share

For years, WordPress has been associated with blogging.  And, as a blogging platform, WordPress is the leader in the field.  However, thanks to the many plugins and themes that have been developed to work with this robust system, WordPress can do a whole lot more than just help you create a simple blog.

Are You An Ethical Designer – Vanseo Design

Would you take on a client who’s business was ethically appalling to you? How far will you stretch the truth to help a client sell their products or services?

Breathtaking Body Sculptures You Might Never Seen Before – Boost Inspiration

Carole A. Feuerman is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most prominent hyper-realist sculptor.

35 Fresh Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials – Noupe

With the help of Abobe Photoshop you can turn your usual image to an interested photo artwork. In this post we present a couple of recent useful photo effect Photoshop tutorials that may help you improve your skills and enhance the quality of your artworks.

Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Freelance Designer – Graphic Design Blender

Recently I was in on a roundtable discussion with a bunch of freelancers and we were talking about some of the similar problems we all face.

50 Beautiful Hand-picked Ubuntu Wallpapers – Tripwire Magazine

Ubuntu is a computer operating system originally based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software with additional proprietary software available.It is named after the Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu (“humanity towards others”).

Design Tips for Multilingual Websites – Skyje

When you’re designing multilingual websites for a global audience, there are a range of issues you need to be aware of. Here are the top five tips for successfully designing multilingual websites.

40 Most Beautifully Designed Restaurant Menu’s Cards – Bloggs 74

There are many ways to design restaurant, Cafe, Clubs menus; we have collected a few sample restaurant, Cafe, Clubs menu’s that you can take inspiration from. Feast your eyes on these designs and enjoy.

30 Deadly Sins of the Web Design Business – Web Design Shock

The lightning speed which technology is evolving at is changing our habits in many ways, from how we communicate and socialize to how we shop and earn a living. More and more businesses are beginning to base their operations on the web and soon will be the day when every company will function almost exclusively on the web.

Thinking in Shadow: Effect and Light in Design – Echo Enduring Blog

You’ve seen it before. I’ve done it and you probably have too. Photoshop effects abuse is the third leading cause of poor website design (okay I just made that up). Seriously though, before you apply your next drop shadow there are some things I want you to keep in mind, so read on.

35 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Designers – Re-encoded

An iPhone is a lot more than just a phone. This great device can be very helpful also for designers with the thousands of apps that are available for download.

How to Identify a Font – Web Design Ledger

What is the font used for the title of Friends? How about the typeface of that old copy of Moby Dick you picked up at that garage sale? The back of your Starbucks pastry bag? And please tell me, how can you find the font on a worn out birthday card that your client wants you to replicate?

Drupal for Web Designers – Introduction – Inspired Mag

This is the first episode of a new weekly series about the other most popular CMS. Yes ladies and gentleman we’re talking about Drupal!

43 Free Social Media Icon Sets – Design

Here are 43 free social media icon sets. Enjoy!

40 Amazing Examples of Bokeh Photography – Pelfusion

As stated in Wikipedia, In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Using this bokeh technique in photography you can create surreal and beautiful photographs.

Web Designing Tips for Successful Businesses – 10 Steps

If you want your business to be successful, it is imperative that you have a well-designed website. Even small, local businesses need a good website. Today’s consumers are used to being able to search online and find the information that they need right away.

20 Beautiful Free XHTML/CSS Templates – Creative Overflow

Good news for those wanting to build a new blog or website. Today we’ll feature really beautiful Website Templates that are available for FREE. But first, let’s learn about website templates and why you may need them.

Rise of the Robots! – Awesome Robot Artworks – Web Design Mash

When I was younger I was fascinated by robots and robotics and believed that when I grew up into adulthood that maybe robots would be part of my life. I was only 5 at the time and was probably being over optimistic on this because they still aren’t really here, even though visionaries like Leonardo Da Vinci had plans for robots over 500 years ago.

60 Stylish and Innovative Business Cards – Web Design Mash

When you are making new contacts and trying to gain potential new clients then you will know how important it is to leave a good lasting impression and a well-designed business card is an effective way of doing that.

Top Quality Drawing Illustrations For Inspiration – Design Your Way

There are some designers in this world that simply make you say wow because of their wonderful creations. I’ve tried to gather here a few of the creations that caught my attention and show them to you to prove that you can do magic with a graphic tablet. Harry Potter, be scared!

Amazing Underwater Sculptures – Toxel

Jason deCaires Taylor creates incredible underwater sculptures that form artificial reefs and attract curious tourists from all over the globe.

35 Free Grunge Fonts for Abstract Designs – Vision Widget

Grunge, dirty style has been popular around Abstract and Grunge design are usurping unique approach in logo, web or graphic design, we compile a list of Over 35 Free Downloadable Grunge Fonts for dirty Art Work, and if you are a fan of filthy fancy design style these fonts are perfect for you.

Bodies in Urban Spaces by Willi Dorner. Some Creative and Crazy Photos – Blog of Francesco Mugnai

Some crazy photos of bodies in urban space.

30 Majestic Rainbow Photographs to Inspire You with Hope – Creative Fan

Rainbow photography is a challenging subject for photographers, simply because of the relative rarity of rainbows and the requirement for proper lighting, which makes it difficult for photographers to capture rainbows when they come around.

Inspiring Drinks Labels: Positive Reasons for Turning to The Bottle – Onextrapixel

It makes sense that if you’re designing a website, you take inspiration from other websites. This explains the popularity of so many web design and CSS galleries. Sometimes though, getting inspiration from the same sources can get a bit … uninspiring.

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