This is No.42 in our great series of top 10 web designs that we have discovered or had submitted to us over the last week. As usual we have the usual suspects of talented artists, studios, designers and developers. Many thanks to all the sites, designers and developers featured in this weeks goody bag of web design gems for inspiring us this week.


Fandango Media Group

We are a small group of web developers and graphic designers passionate about visual communication and small businesses.



We design and create attractive Internet products and support companies in their promotion, advertising and communication with the users on the Internet.


Danger Brain

One of our most seasoned field officers, DangerBrain1 has spent the last 15 years in the creative trenches. He is a skilled designer as well as a talented illustrator.



Spanning all aspects of concept creation to execution, Royale integrates award-winning production, design and animation to weave rich stories across all screens, channels and media landscapes.


Zetabe Agency

We are creative digital. We create online campaigns management, experience and simplicity.


Chien Jaune Studio

Our group consists of independent Art Directors, Creative, designers, service bureaus, illustrators, web designers, photographers, integrators, developers, etc.. and can meet all your expectations as far as graphics techniques.


Hexagon Factory

I am Benjamin Cochois, web designer, web developer and consultant in Rennes.
I created Hexagon Factory in order to support businesses, brands, but also individuals to maximize their visibility on the Internet.



London based web design, development and e-marketing



What’s up! I’m Michael Wong. Welcome to my portfolio. I’m a sydney web designer, front-end developer and internet marketer. I design and specialise in HTML5 & CSS3 driven websites with an emphasis on simplicity, usability and beauty.



We’re damn good at application architecture design, development and maintenance. We love well-written code, playing with APIs and modern browsers. We don’t like IE6 (who does?!), unnecessary complexity and being average. We test. Then we test. And then we test more.

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