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There’s so much more to nail varnish than the simple French manicure nowadays. Nail art is big news, with celebrities like Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry all prominent trend setters. Whether you’re a fan of the embellished, animal print or character-inspired style we hope you find something you’ll like in our round up of recent nail design ideas.

30 creative nails 2013

And in one word, delicious.



1 creative nail art

Totally bling-tastic, we love Katy Perry’s diamond nails; perfect for a special occasion.


2 Lady Gaga team

What else would Lady Gaga team with her pale green hair but pale green nails? Surprisingly pretty and spring-like results from an unconventional colour choice.



3 World Cup

This brilliant example was specially conceived to celebrate the World Cup as only a girl knows how.



4 flight path nails

We love the way each bird design is slightly different, creating the illusion of take-off and cutting a flight path straight across the hand.



5 pretty

So pretty and deliciously feminine! Perfect for adding a little magic sparkle to your wedding day or any other special-dress occasion.



6 animal nails

Do animal’s come much cuter than the giant panda? We don’t think so. And these panda nails are just too adorable to resist.



7 spring nail look 2013

A great look for spring and one of 2013’s hottest catwalk colours.



27 creative nails 2013

More of a jeans and Converse kind of gal? Why not give the look a go on your nails?



28 creative nails 2013

These Litchenstein-inspired nails are quirky way to show you know your cultural references.


29 creative nails 2013

Gorgeously glossy turquoise nails with diamond detail, red slashes and gold glitter for when one nail art trend just isn’t enough.



20 creative nails 2013

Step aside Cat Woman, these nails will bring out the feline side in all of us.



21 creative nails 2013

Out of this world sky-at-night design that’s subtle, clean and super contemporary.



22 creative nails 2013

Amazing texture, colour and detail on these glass bead-dipped nails. We love the way the beads look like jelly sweets!



23 creative nails 2013

These nails remind us of Easter eggs – perfect for spring.



24 creative nails 2013

An achingly-hip abstract print in Andy Warhol-inspired shades.



13 creative nails 2013

A stars and stripes design worthy of Wonder Woman herself.



14 creative nails 2013

A creative twist on a traditional winter theme using a baby pink background and a striking black snowflake.



15 creative nails 2013

Taking the bejeweled look one step further with candy coloured gems.



16 creative nails 2013

Add some interest to your usual French manicure with these delicate art-deco inspired leaves.



17 creative nails 2013

These plain white, pearlised nails look so cool next to the purple.



18 creative nails 2013

You can do animal print without feeling like Bet Lynch by limiting the look to your nails.



25 creative nails 2013

Warner Brothers-inspired nails complete with cheeky cartoon characters. This one’s a great look for kids – and big kids too!



8 creative nails 2013

These nails have a gorgeously heartwarming picnic-blanket inspired pattern.



9 creative nails 2013

We adore the way this berry design continues across the nails, like it really is growing.



10 creative nails 2013

There’s no rule that nail art has to be limited to your hands. Take a look at this gorgeously girly apple design to see what we mean.


11 creative nails 2013

Keeping the fruity theme going, this cherry design is almost good enough to eat.



12 creative nails 2013

Here’s a brilliantly cheeky and fun way to liven up an outfit for a black tie event, as worn by Zooey Deschanel at the Golden Globes.



19 creative nails 2013

Cath Kidston florals for all the girls out there who can’t resist a ditsy print.




Remember those Alpine-print leggings that everyone was wearing during winter? Here’s how to do the look on your nails.



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