Web design has become more hand tooled, organic and versatile. Classic retro and vintage typography with authentic textures and withered paper backgrounds have helped bring back the grunge web design trend.

Grunge gives web design more style and less uniform, there is no structure only worn out and faded graphic elements, these look beautiful and creative. The trend is inspired by the vintage and retro design and urban industrial architecture.

Grunge design usually has the following features:

– Dirty stains

– Images with a torn effect

– Broken icons

– Hand drawn elements

– Dirty textures

Today we have hand-picked 10 creative examples of grunge in web design for your inspiration.

Thomas Schostok’s web design has a textured background that features hand drawn elements. There appears to be a subtle grunge look that can be identified through the use of pale tones and delicate font for web copy. The vintage typography logo and stained background gives the web design a genuine grunge look and feel.

This web design has a harsh grunge header. The damaged wooden affect is unusual yet eye catching, it enhances the faded logo and web site title.

This example looks like a classic form of grunge design. The beautiful hand drawn face looks as if it decaying, this is another element of grunge. The detailed hair flows elegantly whilst it appears her neck has been manipulated to look like a tree with roots. This imaginative design is for a design studio, and what a better way to show how creative you are by showcasing your work on a design like this.

This grunge web design is used to showcase a photographers work. The beauty of the trend is that it directly ties in well with the theme of the photographs. Grunge elements are more dark and vintage. The black lace is iconic along with the worn out textured background.

This website illustrates that not all grunge web designs have to be on a dark or pale background. The bright yellow tone add life in to the abstract character. Grunge is depicted through the hand drawn elements and stained background.

This is a subtle example of grunge design. Grunge is represented through the use of texture and the heavy hand drawn header. The concept works well and shows the customer just how creative this designer is.

Stretched, torn and clean? This website belongs to a design company and shows that grunge design does not always have to be dirty. The clean background makes the hand drawn elements stand out.

Edgy, chic and unusual, this website combines interesting and irregular shapes along with a textured sky and dirty looking ground. The website is designed to look like a fictional place, it is artistic with eye catching hand drawn font.

This web design has a full on retro look. We have chosen it because the use of old paper elements add a slight grunge effect.

Fresh, captivating and inspirational, this web design is not 100% grunge, it uses a subtle approach through textured backgrounds and shows that grunge elements can integrate easily in to any design.

In conclusion, grunge web design is very detailed and creative, many designers use grunge to showcase their own work. When grunge is used to design a whole website the overall result is memorable and beautiful to look at. Grunge is also used for small sections of a site, it brings artistic elements to make any website pop. I believe that the grunge trend is one that is usually overlooked, it has already reached the artistic community and is slowly but surely on the rise.

Published by Neeru Pallen

Neeru enjoys writing about design trends. She currently works as a marketing consultant.

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