While most web designers are not likely to jump at the chance to take an extra trip to the grocery store, there are a few things that grocery store owners and corporations have learned over the years about selling that web designers should know. Here are 5 things a web designer can learn during their next obligatory trip to the grocery store:


Tip #1: Layout Matters

It is not news to anyone that the grocery store corporate head-honchos are sitting in their ivory towers, laughing manically, as us grocery shoppers fall for their little mind games by visiting either the bakery (smells so good) or the fresh produce section (makes shoppers feel fresh and healthy) when we first enter the grocery store. The lack of entrances to grocery stores has nothing to do with security, the owners simply want shoppers visiting one of these two appealing sections first. Most web designers already know the value of a good website layout, but the key here is making sure that visitors are naturally first drawn to the most important parts of the website such as the company name and logo (top right corner) or the product/service being sold (a big center photo which really taps into the consumer’s psyche) first before browsing around at other less appealing elements (disclaimers).



Tip #2: The Storefront Window

The most beautiful wedding gown goes in the window, the most delicious orange is sliced up as a sample (not the out of season cantaloupe which is barely yellow), the shiniest ring is placed in velvet in the jewelry shop display case – web designers should also jazz up their company’s online storefront, also known as the landing page, more than anything else. The landing page is where all the designer’s best ideas should go: the highest quality photo, the wittiest copy, the catchiest titles, and the best design work, because a good landing page is what will draw people in.



Tip #3: Brand Recognition

No one knows brand recognition like the grocery store. Not only do they bring in customers by offering brands they know and love, but they charge those brands more for the prime real estate. Web designers who emphasize brand recognition by always featuring a company logo, tag line, color palette, fonts, and more will see long term design success.



Tip #4: Cater to the Audience

All parents know that the kid friendly and flashy products are placed on the shelves at munchkin eye level. This is called catering to the audience – and it is something all web designers can do on their next web design. Even if they are designing a site selling men’s products, if their customers are typically women shopping for their partner, the designer and company will be better off catering to women than to men. Conducting thorough market research before starting any design will save time and money.



Tip #5: Twist the Words

We all know that deals like “buy one get one half off,” or a product being advertised at $4.99 instead of just $5.00 are tactics used to get us to spend, but grocery stores do this because it works. These twists on words and promotional sayings help people justify their purchase in the moment, rather than waiting to possibly, or possibly not, purchase in the future. Designers who use copy that pushes people to purchase now, not later, will convert more customers every time.


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Roy K. is a web designer for DesignPax.com. He specializes in landing page, banner ad and Facebook landing page design.

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