If you are a regular user of Twitter then you will know what  an awesome place it is to share ideas, resources and links. I’ve been using Twitter now since last year and find that it’s a pretty neat and great place to find excellent design links and inspiration.  There are many of times I […]

If your a fan of Firefox then you will know of the great add-ons that are available. I thought I’d compile a list of smart add-ons that I have found and also use on my browser of choice. We love you Firefox! Personas 1.51 Free, easy-to-install “skins” for Firefox. Choose from over 30,000 cool designs, […]

With the evergrowing popularity of bloggers, designers and even corporations now using WordPress as a web and blogging platform there has been a rapid growth of sites offering premium and free themes for WordPress. With so many sites out there offering so many themes you have to wander what the quality of some of these […]